Zine Librarians

Here’s the incredible crew of zine librarians!

 Zine Librarian - Hana ZittelHana Zittel

Connection to the DZLI love the inclusivity and creativity that zines inspire and I adore spending time exploring all the zines in our collection. Every time I take the time to explore what we have to offer I find something absolutely fascinating. I could (and often do) spend hours just reading through any zine I pick up in the library.

BioI am a librarian at the Denver Public Library in addition to being a librarian at the Denver Zine Librarian, which are two great things to be. I grew up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and pretty much just like being outside with my pup when I have some free time, and reading, that might have been assumed though.

Kait Lynn lafferty

ZinePerpetual Ambivilance, a super sentimental perzine about my mixed feelings towards life.

BioCurrently, I work at the art museum as a gallery host and organize in my community in the side. I love coffee, music and silly dances.

Zine Librarian - Kelly Shortandqueer.jpgKelly Shortandqueer

Zine: shortandqueer, a zine series where each issue focuses on a different theme through the lens of my queer and transgender identities.

Connection to the DZLI’m one of the co-founders of the Denver Zine Library and can’t believe that I’ve been volunteering with the DZL for over a third of my life! Through my involvement, I’ve met incredible zinesters, artists, and musicians who consistently create and inspire. On a personal level, the zine community has been a forum to document and share the voices of so many of us who don’t find ourselves reflected in mainstream media.

Bio: After publishing a few random zines, I began writing shortandqueer in 2004. My storytelling has been featured on The Narrators stage as well as through a collaboration between the Narrators and DCPA’s Off-Center at the Jones Theater, in a show titled “Lived/Re-Lived.” Besides writing and storytelling, I’m also a drag artist, performing under the name Olive de Bottom. Since being crowned Honky Tonk Queen of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs in 2014, I’ve performed at several local and national venues and am always looking for new excuses to make appearances.

Zine Librarian - Lily Kosmicki.JPGLily Kosmicki

Zine: Dream Zine is a collection of dreams featuring mixed media art. Creature Zine is a non-narrative collection of slightly misunderstood creatures, who were drawn together.

Connection to the DZL: The DZL is a treasure. This special place is an important archive for Denver and the zine world. I am so happy to be involved as the workshop coordinator and to help foster literacy, creativity, and community that comes with zine reading and making!

Bio: I am a person, my favorite color is yellow, I am an avid daydreamer, a part-time surrealist, and I think about a world to come where the books were found by the golden ones which were written in pain and awe by a puzzled man who questioned what we were here for, and I think the best temperature is 72 degrees. There’s a lot of things I care about, a big one being libraries in all shapes, forms, and modes.

zine librarian markMark Ray

Zines: I’m the creator and editor of an erotic fiction and love prose zine Razbliuto ZineIn the past I have done several perzines with some band interviews and music reviews. My best work can be seen in Dingbat Zine, there are copies in the DZL!

Connection to the DZL: I was an original zine librarian. I loved that there was a library opening in the Denver area and I remember volunteering in the shed of the original location. There were years where I completely dropped out of the scene for academic purposes, but I have always gravitated back to the DZL, mostly in part to the inclusive community that has always existed and the incredible leadership of Kelly. I was very impressed with the turnout from the Denver Zine Fest 2015, which again, served as a reminder of the growing zine scene and its humble roots.

Bio: I am currently a substitute teacher looking for full time work in Denver/Lakewood. I write literary fiction and find my genre to be young adult fiction. I am currently working on a series based on a group of run away children and teens. I will be attending the Denver Writers Summer Invitational, which will help with my vocational and literary aspirations. I have also in the process of applying for VONA Voices summer writing workshop for people of color. I plan on attending the LGBT and YAL workshops.

Melissa Black

ZinesSeagulls: is a reflection of being a kid at the beach. Parents would always compare their squawks to human laughs. This is speculation on what the seagulls were saying. Magical Old People: giving life and stories to old photographs found in the streets as well as antique shops in New Orleans, LA and Golden, CO. Lizard Peeps: laughable conspiracies. I mean what’s REALLY up with taco bell, banana pudding, and DIA anyway?

Connection to the DZLI think it’s really important for people to have access to radical publications and art. Keeping DZL open and available to Denverites and visitors is really important to me. It is super rewarding seeing people’s excitement over picking up a zine for the first time or seeing those who are avid zine readers see what an impressive collection we have. No one seems to leave disappointed, and I’m glad to be a part of that shared experience. Also, this past year I helped bring back the Denver Zine fest after a 5 year hiatus, what could be more exciting than that?!

Bio: Denver by way of New Orleans. I make goofy zines. Traveler of Latin America. I’m in an all lady garage punk band called New Growth. I help with zine making workshops for colleges and kids. Lego enthusiast.

Zine Librarian - Rachel LRachel L.

Connection to the DZL: I came to the DZL because it is a space of creativity and helps inspire me to be more creative in my everyday life. I feel a sense of home when I am volunteering at the library and when there are zine events I feel a sense of community. I want to be part of DZL for as long as possible.

Bio: I work, I play, I volunteer. Eating happens too, and sleeping – I love both.

Zine Librarian - SaraSara

Connection to the DZLThe DZL is oh so great! I had made a few zines in a past life and wanted to find a way to support other’s DIY folks.

BioI make things. I craft things. I find adventure in the everyday because life is quite grand.

zine-librarian-victoria-paige-gonzalezVictoria Paige Gonzalez

Zines: I haven’t personally made one myself. Although I have made it a goal of mine to finish one by the end of this year. In the past, I worked as an Assistant Arts Editor for Mind Walking Volume 2 and Glass Mountain. Both were during my time as a student at the University of Houston.

Connection to the DZL: I first heard about DZL from a former librarian, Chris Moody. When I walked in, I was greeted by Kelly and started asking a bunch of questions about zines and the surrounding culture. Right away, I knew that my interests were in line with why zines were created in the first place. I love the idea of bridging worlds and people through community, so I have dedicated my time to helping DZL fulfill its greatest potential.

Bio: On my days off I like to wander Denver streets and discover something new. My favorite place to be is in the middle of no where in the Rockies. I’m a visual artist that works primarily with installation, photography and ceramics. I have a passion for community building and leadership. I’m always looking to collaborate with fellow artists. On my busier days, you can catch me selling jewelry and coffee at the Denver Art Museum and volunteering for Café Cultura.