The Denver Zine Library has grown with the help of a lot of committed volunteers and donors.

Current Denver Zine Librarians
Chris Moody, Dylan Scholinski, Gaia Dinehtah, Hana Zittel, Ian Bawn, Kaitlyn Lafferty, Kelly Shortandqueer, Mark Trujillo, Mel Black, Rachel Livingston, Sara Ramirez, SJ Galiher

Former Zine Librarians
Alejandro Archuleta, Anna Inazu, B, Bessie Vaughan, Brian Hasenstab, Eduardo Gabrieloff, Jamez Terry, K.R. Roberto, Kevin Richards, Kristy Fenton, Laurie Spurling

Founding Volunteers
Dani Drake, Jamez Terry, Jeremiah Teutsch, Kelly Shortandqueer, Molly Zackary

Zine donors of large collections
Dan Buck, Jamez Terry, John Porcellino, Paul Kane/Double Entendre

Continued thanks…
Carolyn Gentile, The 27 Social Centre, The Other Side Arts, Stevyn IronFeather, Robb Roemershauser, zine librarians from other collections

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