Denver Zine Fest

2016 Denver Zine Fest

Denver Zine Library (250x244)Denver Zine Library
Denver, CO

The Denver Zine Library is a non profit organization founded in 2003 whose mission is to preserve, protect and promote the culture of zines and self published original work through archival collection, workshops, and events. The Denver Zine Library currently houses one of the largest zine collections in North America with a preserved collection of over 15,000 independent and alternative zines. The organization is entirely volunteer run and the public can access the full library and archives every Saturday and Sunday from 11am-3pm or by appointment.

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30 Miles of Crazy (400x182)30 Miles of Crazy!/The Denver Bootleg

Karl Christian Krumpholz – Denver, CO

Originally from the East Coast, my work has appeared in VICE, Birdy magazine, Suspect Press, Show Devils comic, SLG Publishing (Byron) and Modern Drunkard Magazine. I provided the artwork for the documentary ‘Neal Cassady’s Denver Years’ for Colorado Public Television, illustrated the Daniel Landes’ short story ‘Revolt to What?’ (for Suspect Press), examine the history of Colorado venues in the weekly comic ‘The Denver Bootleg’ for the Westword newspaper, and for almost three years have drawn the ‘true-ish’ tales about the denizens, bars, and characters of the city in the weekly webcomic ’30 Miles of Crazy’ (which was nominated for a 2016 DINKy award.)

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AMN Collective (250x175)AMN Collective
Kansas City, MO

The Any Means Necessary Collective of Kansas City, Missouri is a group of dedicated anarchists who focus on community outreach and direct action. Our community outreach includes, but is certainly not limited to, writing and publishing our works as well as the works of other anarchists.

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Arborcides (207x250)Arborcides
Mister V – Granby, CO

Prolific Colorado cartoonist Mister V is having a zine sale! Thirty zines to chose from, most for only $1, none more expensive than $2. Buy 2 get one free! Get one of each for only $20!

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Art Activist Nia (167x250).jpgArt Activist Nia
Nia King – Oakland, CA

queer mixed Black art activist

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As The Crow Flies (203x250)As the Crow Flies
Melanie Gillman – Denver, CO

Melanie Gillman is a queer, nonbinary cartoonist from Denver. They are the creator of the Eisner-nominated webcomic As the Crow Flies, which is a story about a group of queer teens who befriend each other over the course of a Christian youth backpacking trip. They are also one of the editors of The Other Side, a new anthology of queer paranormal romance comics.

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Bae Cutler (250x217).jpgBae Cutler
Bae Cutler – Chicago, IL

Bae Cutler is an art project that centers around sports and politics. Started only a year ago Bae Cutler has been featured on ESPN, The Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, Complex Magazine and the New York Times.

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Bakerstown Comics (179x250)Bakerstown Comics
Jake Roth – Denver, CO

Growing up, Jake always collected all kinds of comic books, but was probably influenced by the daily comic strips in the newspaper more than any superhero titles. The various Bakerstown books are all attempts to catch those quieter moments that comics are capable of – whether remembering the past, or appreciating the present. New this year are books about coffee, Christmas parades, the radio, & a retired pro wrestler. Check them out!


The Bitchin' Kitsch (250x188)The Bitchin’ Kitsch
The Talbot-Heindls’ – Denver, CO

The Talbot-Heindls’ are a couple unlike any other. So completely awesome, they’ve been compared, in public, to John Lennon and Yoko Ono.*

Both Chris and Dana Talbot-Heindl love all things creative. Their passion possessed them to create a zine in July of 2010, for anyone and everyone who has something to say with an artistic medium. That zine, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, has since taken off, gotten a book deal, and gone international.

*It was only the one time, but it still counts.

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Blue Pear Projects (188x250).jpgBlue Pear Projects
Alex Norelli – Brooklyn, NY

Blue Pear Projects uses publishing as a means to give voice and validity to the many aspects of the human imagination. Whether its an art, poetry or photozine that asks the viewer to question their assumptions of the world, or an enamel pin that makes them feel more at peace with their vulnerability, Blue Pear represents the magical and meaningful things we create and dream into existence that bring wonder within our lives. Blue Pear fiercely values equality among people, reverence for ritual, process, shameless existence, experimentation and human uniqueness.

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Brain Salt (194x250)Brain Salt
Clark Ellis – Colorado Springs, CO

Brain Salt is a zine made by the Colorado Springs based band IZE, a trio of Clark Ellis, Zach Citrone, and John McCarty creating Punk/Ska/Surf sounds. The band is currently on hiatus, but this zine will never die. Brain Salt features comics, poetry, artwork, gong-show journalism, and tomfoolery. We will be be finishing our 4th edition in time for the Denver Zine Fest where we had a table last year and had an awesome time. Brain Salt is a variety show in your pocket!


Brain Teaser Comics (250x188).jpgBrain Teaser Comics
Bruce Otter – Englewood, CO

I’ve been making comics of some sort online since 2008, and making mini-comics since 2014. I produced my first non-comics zine for Denver Zine Fest 2015, and will have lots of new zines and mini comics this year including Brain Teaser Comics #3 and #4!

I also co-produce the Media Montage Podcast, currently releasing every other Friday, where I, along with the immortal Larry King, give our unique views on Film, TV, Comics and Conspiracies.

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Button Pusher (164x250)Button Pusher/Lurkin Hard
Adán De La Garza – Denver, CO

Button Pusher is a photo zine produced on irregular basis for the year 2015. Each issue features images generated in a certain month by Adán De La Garza. Each issue only has 15 copies. If you spot yourself within the zine I’ll give you a free copy.

Lurkin Hard is a zine that Adán has produced on an irregular basis since 2007 and is comprised of images from film cameras found in thrift stores, flee markets and yard sales. The images are salvaged out of cameras that have preexisting film in them that is developed and whittled down into the Zine.


Captain Fantastico (250x176).jpgCaptain Fantastico
Paul Niemiec – Englewood, CO

Captain Fantastico is a sci-fi/superhero Mash-Up, featuring Captain Fantastico–an arrogant, preening superhero with huge anger-control issues–and his wife Insectra–who, unknown to the Captain–is Overlord of an Evil, Intergalactic Empire.

Captain Fantastico is Penciled by Ethan Wenberg, and Inked by Paul Niemiec. Fans of Heavy Metal will dig it, as will fans of Robert Crumb and 1960s-era Fillmore West-style Rock-Band Poster Art!

Paul Niemiec inks with old school, antique pen nibs; india ink; and sable brushes. He likes to use vintage screen-tone as well. Paul’s work has appeared in Tales of the Talisman, and Filmfax magazine.

He also plays killer guitar in the swing-blues band Atomic Pablo.


chablack (220x250).jpgChamucos
Denver, CO

Chamucos is a collaborative project/mini zine composed of random thoughts and illustrations.

Dylan Edwards (250x250)Comics and Art by Dylan Edwards
Dylan Edwards – Aurora, CO

Dylan “NDR” Edwards is a maker of queer comics. He is the creator Transposes, which was a Lambda Literary Award finalist for Transgender Non-Fiction, and Politically InQueerect:Old Ghosts and Other Stories. His work has also appeared in several anthologies, including QU33R (2014 Ignatz Award), No Straight Lines (2013 Lambda Literary Award), and in the Beyond Anthology (Lambda Literary Award finalist). His current project is Valley of the Silk Sky, a YA science fiction webcomic that features a queer, ace, and trans cast.

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Cosmic BE-ING (189x250).jpgCosmic BE-ING
Alex Graham – Denver, CO

Alex Graham is a painter, portrait artist and cartoonist born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Interests and themes of her work include paranormal, occult, and philosophy.

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The Dark Reaches (206x250).jpgThe Dark Reaches
Daniel Crosier – Denver, CO

The Dark Reaches is an anthology horror series, collecting works from many talents scattered across the U.S. I am the cover artists and illustrator of Savor, written by Deanna Destito, and published by Rus Wooton of The Walking Dead comic book.

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Lonnie MF Allen – Denver, CO

Lonnie MF Allen is Texas white trash with the partial upbringing and outward appearance of an Asian man. He studied fine art and writing at the University of Denver, but ended up just making comics instead. He is the semi-conductor of Denver Drink & Draw and cartoonist extraordinaire who’s work has appeared in numerous renowned publications.

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Horiz_alternatespacingDenver Public Library
Denver, CO

The Denver Public Library connects people with information, ideas and experiences to provide enjoyment, enrich lives and strengthen our community.

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DINK Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo (188x250).jpgDINK: Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo
Charlie LaGreca – Denver, CO

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Dirt (250x188)dirt.
Renee – Boulder, CO

dirt. is a collective poetry zine
issue no. 1 includes ten poems from nineteen local and nationally based poets

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extra (164x250)extra
Hannah Hemperly – Fort Collins, CO

a self-published zine, extra is a literature and art platform designed to explore identity through dialogue, discourse, and creation. the purpose is to talk about the uncomfortable, to look within, to engage in community, and discover the whole self.


Extra Vitamins (250x176)Extra Vitamins
Julia Belamarich & Kyle Warfield – Denver, CO

Extra Vitamins is the experimental art and design studio of Julia Belamarich and Kyle Warfield. Their zines contain both digital and analog collage art inspired by childhood and the internet. Fun is the goal.

Extra Vitamins: Tumblr
Julia Belamarich: Website | Instagram
Kyle Warfield: Website | Instagram

F(r)iction (173x250)F(r)iction
Tethered by Letters – Denver, CO

F(r)iction is a collection of fine art and literature that is printed tri-annually by Tethered by Letters Press. Each issue features outstanding literary work of all genres, a graphic short story, and custom commissioned artwork. Printed in full color on high quality paper, F(r)iction aims to shatter boundaries and challenge creative conventions: to inspire those who choose to peek into its pages.

F(r)iction: Facebook | Twitter
Tethered By Letters: Facebook | Twitter

The Famous Internet Artist (250x250).jpgThe Famous Internet Artist
Paul Echeverria – Danbury, CT

The Famous Internet Artist: Regina is a work of e-literature documenting the interactions between the artist alias Tony Jones and an entity of unknown origins, Regina. The work examines the demarcation between flux persona and faux persona. As both aliases communicate with each other, the margins between fiction and reality are incessantly blurred. Tony, authored by Paul Echeverria, offers the promise of collaboration, fame, and creative expression. Regina, composed by an anonymous author, seeks friendship, love, and travel funds.

Obfuscated beneath each character’s attempts at persuasion, these textual messages provide insight into the casual materialization of the digital flux persona. Furthermore, they provide a conceptual framework for the ongoing experiments in human persona. As a consequence, readers are encouraged to consider the authenticity of their own relations within a complex panorama of digital identity.

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Far Out Zines (250x248).jpgFar Out Zines
Emilie Luckett and Curtis Tucker – Denver, CO

Far Out Zines is a small press distribution company based out of Denver. To be simply put, we buy, sell, and trade small press/zines. Our goal is to help spread our love of zines to the world, and to help cool artists get their work better known.

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Fix My Head (193x250).jpgFix My Head zine / Distortion / An Out Recordings
Anna Vo – Portland, OR (from NZ)

Fix My Head – QTPOC art/activism/music/punk zine with people from all over the world! Not North America -centric.

The Swan The Vulture – Perzine about being an adult survivor of CSA and other types of abuse, power dynamics in relationships, and ways to explore assertion, listening to oneself, healing, communication, etc.

Distortion – comic about different types of Liberation and power dynamics

An Out Recordings – a POC and queer folk centered black metal, doom, drone and noise label. Anti-fascist, anti-racist, anarchist and feminist.

Bandcamp | Fix My Head Store | An Out Store | Tumblr

Free Rent ATX (250x176)Free Rent ATX
Austin, TX

Free Rent ATX is a non-profit art collective based in Austin, Texas. We take art submissions from artists all around and put them together in a zine. Our missions is to help artists get the exposure they need and build a strong community in the art and music scene. We run this collective on pure passion. Sharing art for art’s sake and nothing more.

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Gato Cocoa (250x250).jpgGato Cocoa
Holly Wood – Laramie, WY

Gato Cocoa is a film photography project presented in a tiny zine. Inspired by the odd yet charming nature of cats, creator Holly Wood and her Canon AE-1 conspire to make double exposed magic with any kitten that crosses their path. Each issue aims to be a pocket meditation on surreal, serene feline power. #catsof307

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God Bless Generica (250x250).jpgGod Bless Generica
Marc Saviano – Kansas City, MO

God Bless Generica specializes in doubleplus mindfucks made easy in the form of stickers, patches, pinback buttons, and other art-free arts, and publishes the zeeens Operations Manual, Grimm Memes, a few perzines and mini comix, and an Occupy collaboration zine, The Occupy Voice. Operations Manual is a collection of found and original images and writings, and could be described as a cross between Principia Discordia, Anarchist Cookbook, and Highlights children’s magazine.

“Something like AdBusters™ meets an unhappy Louie C.K. …not consistently funny…” – Zine World

“Grimm Memes’ attempts at humor and political agitprop are so unimaginative and obvious they don’t even stand as satire, just fact”- Razorcake #90

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DSCN4723 (188x250).jpgGod in a Bottle
Frank Kwiatkowski – Denver, CO

I have been carving templates on the interior of traffic cones since August of 1999. With these I have derived the “conecut” a form of relief print similar to woodcuts and linocuts. “God in a Bottle” is a ‘zine about type 1 diabetes and insulin that Peter Miles Bergman (of is Press) collaborated on. My long-term project is the graphic novel, “Conecutter”.

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The Good Life (249x250).jpgthe good life
Hans DeHaas – Boulder, CO

the good life is a on going series. the zine is composed of a collection of intricate drawings of cityscapes, skateparks, outer space, and what ever else.. short comics about nothing.. also collection of photos, crossword puzzles and guides!

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Great Bear Comics (206x250).jpgGreat Bear Comics
Jeremy Stoll – Denver, CO

Great Bear Comics is a platform for comics and visual narratives, including illustrated prose, zines, screen prints, and otherwise – all grounded in the natural world and the stories we create to understand the ineffable in life. Mainly, it is the work of Jeremy Stoll, a comics creator and folklorist whose work is inspired by the Great Lakes, where he grew up, and the Rocky Mountains, where he lives now – along with continuing research on comics in India.

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Habitat (242x250)HABITAT
Todd Duane Miller – Denver, CO

The HABITAT zine series, (a collaboration between Eli Saragoussi) is a fine art erotic zine series that attempts to blur the line between porn and art. Dissatisfied with most conventional porn, the artists have started a publication that contains images they find arousing, controversial, beautiful, and strange. Each volume focuses on inventing a new “habitat” with which the models explore and define. The models used are all part of the Denver community.

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He Came Out Of My Nose (200x250).jpgHe Came Out of My Nose
Anthony Cortes – Denver, CO

My projects explore the dirty side of life. The things we keep hidden from public view.

Also I enjoy horror movies and holding hands.


Intersections Zine (250x250).jpgIntersections
Denver, CO

Intersections. A space for individuals with intersecting identities to be represented in positive and supportive media that celebrates the beauty of our communities.

As we navigate life, surviving and thriving, while honoring all our identities, we invite you to engage with our journeys depicted and written within this zine.


is PRESS (250x169).jpgis PRESS
Denver, CO

is PRESS publishes short run artists books and zines documenting urban art and conceptual time-based art projects in an accessible narrative format along the loose theme of individuals and their relationship to groups.

In an effort to fund the publishing of conceptual artists books is PRESS also utilizes our letterpress printing and design skills to help other artists realize their work in printed form.

is PRESS is the press of The Institute of Sociometry. Institute of Sociometry or is practices and promotes guerrilla sociometry. As the term implies, guerrilla sociometry is similar in focus to text book sociometry, yet in no way conforms to the rigorous demands of science or mathematics!

Instead is deploys strategies from ’Pataphysics, Fluxus, Situationism, Neoism, Immediatism, Ontological Anarchy, and Dada Epistimology.

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Kat Bride (250x236).jpgKat Bride
Denver, CO

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Keep Your Head Up  (250x221).jpgKeep Your Head Up
Daisy Corso – Denver, CO

I am currently studying Communication Design at Metropolitan State University. I really enjoy creating zines that make a difference in someone’s life. My interests include responsible design, making a positive impact on social issues through my work, and absorbing everything there is to know about art and design history and theory.


Kit Ramsey (213x250)Kit Ramsey
Denver, CO

Fear of the ephemeral, personal documentary style photography.


König America
Westminster, CO

Zine focused on art & lit with surrealist themes. Takes some submissions online but mostly from around Denver.

Website | More Web Goodness

Kool Planet Comix (250x250)Kool Planet Comix
Neil Ewing – Denver, CO

Neil Ewing is a multimedia artist working in drawing, painting, video, animation, sound and sculpting. He has written/ drawn several comics including “Tomb of the Meatbeast,” “The Ballad of Peaceways” and “Planet Karl, “available on the KoolPlanetComix imprint. He’s animated music videos for Restiform bodies, Pictureplane, DeathJam, and has been featured in VICE and the Source.

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Lipstick Diaries (250x141)Lipstick Diaries
Tripp Nasty – Denver, CO

If Ernest Hemingway had a younger, prettier, crossdressing brother who recently emerged from a marathon D&D session in their parent’s basement it would be Tripp Nasty.


Magical Old People (175x250).jpgMagical Old People
Melissa Black – Denver, CO

Magical Old People is a reflection on moments where folks have truly influenced me and earned a permanent place in my psyche. However, they have no idea that they have affected me like a smile from a magical old person that took 70+ years to perfect.

Magna Comica (250x250).jpgMagna Comica
Larry King – Turkey, NC

I tell stories. They happen to mainly be in the form of mini-comics.

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Maize (207x250).jpgMaize
J. James McFarland – Boulder, CO

J. James McFarland likes to make comics too. His current comics projects include a long-form story called Maize, a weekly web comic in 9 week installments called Mustang Tuesday Weekly, a few short stories and a handful of zine – type booklets of various degrees of seriousness.

He is currently located in the lush, green heights of Boulder, on the slopes of the Flatirons. There he enjoys breathing the clean air.

J. James is known to smile in the face of deadlines.

Blog | Facebook | Instagram | Portfolio | Twitter

Katey Sleeveless – Colorado Springs, CO

Mamá Liberada celebrates creative and inspiring families with essay, poetry, drawing, art, interviews, recipes, herbalism, DIY tutorials, reviews, personal accounts, and more in a zine compilation.

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Mavis the Magical Bookmobile (250x137).jpgMavis the Magical Bookmobile
Anna Kongs – Denver, CO

Mavis the Magical Bookmobile is a nonprofit Denver bookmobile housed in an ambulance! If you see a book you like, you may trade in a book or make a donation. We believe that books are a right, not a privilege. Please come say hello during this fantastic event and leave with a book!

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Mile Marker 15 (250x188).jpgMile Marker 15
Maxx Zenisek – Denver, CO

We are a collection of people putting out our creative work out into the world that started in January of 2015. So far we have released two collections of poetry and two coloring books and we have a lot more planned for the future.

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Mile-High MFA in Creative Writing (400x178).jpgMile-High MFA in Creative Writing
Regis University – Denver, CO

The Mile High MFA is a two-year terminal degree that will provide students with one-on-one instruction in fiction, young- adult fiction, creative nonfiction, writing for performance, poetry, or the graphic novel along with theory and craft lessons, workshops, seminars, and readings by accomplished authors, as well as guidance on the practical and professional aspects of writing.

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Mori Guild (213x250).jpgMori Guild
Ryan Guild and Stephanie Guild – Denver, CO

Mori Guild is a Denver based brother/sister collective. Their work is an exploration of the multi-layered nature of life- the seen and unseen, the personal and universal, the relationship with the self, the other, and the world. Their creative process revolves around self-exploration, expression, and curiosity!

We make things we want to see.

Mostly Harmless Podcast with Dammit Damian (167x250)Mostly Harmless Podcast with Dammit Damian
Damian Burford – Denver, CO

Mostly Harmless is a punk rock podcast and a live action talk show/variety hour! In it’s original incarnation, Mostly Harmless was a bi-monthly punk rock zine with a focus on interviews, reviews and comics during the mid 2000’s. It was brought back to life as a podcast in 2010 as a way for Damian to exorcise his creative demons! He has interviewed and hosted a wide variety of punk rock alumni, filmmakers, comedians and more!

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NADA the dada magazine about nothing (188x250).jpgNADA: the dada magazine about nothing
Bryce McPherson – Seattle, WA

NADA is a Seattle-based writing and art collective (not to be confused with the Reno art collective). All submissions are anonymous and loosely based (or not) on a monthly theme which writer interpret as they would.


Nick Liquor's (250x189).jpgNick Liquor’s
Team Print Shop – Oakland, CA

As the primary printer, designer and director of business at Team Print Shop, I spend a lot of time in my west Oakland live/work space. It is at one of west Oakland’s most prestigious staycation spots, Nick’s Liquors, that I find respite from the daily grind and inspiration for my current series of zines.

Under the bright florescent lighting of Nick’s Liquors, I rediscovered my early appreciation for commercial art. Always a fan of flashy logos such as the Jolly Green Giant, I have revived my love of commercial art to develop a zine celebrating the underappreciated art of the liquor store.

At the Denver Zine Fest, I will feature Issues 2 of Nick’s Liquors. Issue 2 is a 4-color print that includes gold flaking. Through commercial art, I illustrate my adventures and the overlooked visual appeal of Nick’s. Each zine purchase will come with a hand printed tote bag.


Outré Veil (250x250).jpgOutré Veil
Zak Kinsella – Denver, CO

Cartoonist previously having worked for New York Times & Popular Science. Currently writing & drawing Outré Veil & cohost of the podcast No Sell Society.

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pioneers_press_logo_clear (250x137).jpgPioneers Press
Leavenworth, KS

Pioneers Press is a publishing house and small-press distro focusing on survival and sustainability on the farm and in the city, in addition to health, gender, sexuality, social justice and food movements, and literary works by up-and-coming authors.

Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Website

Pollux Zine (250x218).jpgPollux Zine
Kaleigh Coleman – Boulder, CO

Pollux is a new art zine that will be debuting our first issue for the fest(!!) Our semiannual zine features anywhere from 4-6 artists who are each making waves in the Colorado art scene. From classical painters, to sound art, to local bands, Pollux covers it all and we are excited to share it with you!

Proof I Exist (250x188).jpgProof I Exist
Billy McCall – Albuquerque, NM

Billy has been reading and writing zines since the 90s, and doesn’t see himself quitting any time soon. He rides tall bikes, screams in a punk band, and plays way too much pinball… yet… never enough. If you give him your address, he’ll mail you stuff, and if you give him a dollar he’ll sell you a zine.


Pulp Magazine (162x250).jpgPulp Magazine
Jack Spano, Zach Morris, & Elena Gutierrez – Denver, CO

We’re just a few troubled earth-walkers trying to help others share their stories.

Instagram | Website | More Web Goodness

Quick The Clockwork KnightQuick The Clockwork Knight (206x250)
Thane Benson – Denver, CO

Thane Benson is an accomplished writer and artist and can prove it because it says so right here in this official “bio”. Thane hasn’t won any awards. He isn’t famous. And he finds writing about himself in the 3rd person to be very awkward. You probably haven’t heard of him, but if you had it would probably be for writing and drawing the infernal mystery graphic novel BURNT or for the adventure comic book series QUICK: THE CLOCKWORK KNIGHT or the ongoing serial noir web comic HELLHOLE, all of which can be seen on his website.


RainbowFeatherCat2Image (250x250).jpgRainbow Feather
Rachel Pfeffer + Simon Kugel – Boulder, CO

Rachel Pfeffer is an artist, illustrator, and designer from Philadelphia. She recently moved to Colorado. Simon Kugel is an artist living in Boulder, CO.


Razbliuto Zine (250x250).jpgRazbliuto Zine
Mark Trujillo – Denver, CO

Raz 2.5 is an erotic fiction and love prose zine printed annually featuring international work of photography and writing.

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Rotten Bananas (225x250).jpgRotten Bananas
Chris Sisneros – Wheat Ridge, CO

My name is Chris Sisneros, and am a local comic book artist. I graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in 2010, with a BFA in Children’s Book Illistration, and have been creating comics ever since. My comic, Rotten Bananas is my parody of the world around me through various characters and zany, humorous plots.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Store | Twitter

Shadowtrash tape group (250x227)Shadowtrash tape group
Boulder, CO

shadowtrash tape group is an audio-art cassette label situated in boulder colorado.

operated by ryan wade ruehlen, nick hranilovich, connor sorensen, nyal ruehlen and kari treadwell, the label functions as a conceptual container for an ongoing sonic collaboration between them and artists regionally, nationally, and beyond. currently, this work is produced and trafficked through various networks of individuals, as a method of sharing content outside of the algorithmically surveilled structures of net-based social networking, music streaming sites, government and licensing agencies, the ‘recording industry’, and the overlap of these devices.

the group seeks sounds and compositions that haven’t been found yet, or the re-imagining/hijaking of known forms for new purposes–shadowtrash feeds on the waste of audio society. tapes are our alchemical shit. we want to build a collaborative library of archived, tape reality.


Shortandqueer Zine (250x250)Shortandqueer Zine
Kelly Shortandqueer – Denver, CO

For the past decade, Kelly Shortandqueer has been publishing the zine series “shortandqueer”, each issue focusing on a different theme through the lens of being queer and transgender. His storytelling has been featured on The Narrators stage as well as through a collaboration between the Narrators and DCPA’s Off-Center at the Jones Theater, in a show titled “Lived/Re-Lived”. He is also one of the co-founders of the Denver Zine Library.

Besides writing and storytelling, Kelly is also a drag artist, performing under the name Olive de Bottom. Since being crowned Honky Tonk Queen of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs in 2014, he has performed at several local and national venues and is always looking for new excuses to make appearances.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

SWD Flyer (200x250)SlutWalk Denver
Denver, CO

In 2011, a Toronto police officer advised women to “stop dressing like sluts” in order to not be victimized. In response, over 3,000 people took to the streets to protest the victim-blaming, proclaiming that the blame and shame surrounding a sex crime belongs only with the perpetrator committing the violent crime.

Slutwalk is now global phenomenon and is held annually in dozens of cities across America and around the world, including Denver! We will continuously work to form a community of support and empowerment for survivors and allies, and to put an end to victim-blaming.


Lily Van – Denver, CO

howdy I’m smiliees! I like to eat good food and draw in between. I also like to pet my dog.

Instagram | Website

Suspect Press (188x250).jpgSuspect Press
Denver, CO

Suspect Press has been publishing fiction, poetry, and comics in Denver since 2013. The free, quarterly journal is always accepting submissions.


Terry A Ratzlaff (188x250)Terry A. Ratzlaff
Denver, CO

Photo based zines and self published books.

InstagramTumblr | Website

This is Heavy Metal (141x250)This is Heavy Metal
Jake Fairly – Denver, CO

I am a denver based cartoonist with a real knack for kickin’ buns. My work wades in a seastorm of absurdist violence and lovelorn escapism. It’s a real fun time.


Tinto Press (250x250).jpgTinto Press
Ted Intorcio – Denver, CO

Artist, DINK Director and owner of the comics micro-publisher, Tinto Press. Ted is available for your harsh criticism and derisive but witty comments. He will have several new comics available for perusal and purchase including but not limited to, The Ultimate Laugh by Sara Lautman, You Will Not Be Missed by Kevin Budnik, and Delineate by Lonnie MF Allen.

Facebook | Tumblr | Website

horse gurl press and tymelapse photography (250x167).jpgTymelapse / horse gurl press
Chris Moody – Denver, CO

Tymelapse is the world through 35mm photographs and horse gurl press is stories of the world through whatever medium desired.

Website | More Web Goodness

Uncommon Futures (250x94).jpgUncommon Futures
Denver, CO

Uncommon Futures is a zine made up of real-life stories, profiles, sketches, and poems. Since a lot of people are not heard, and sometimes poetry and art say just as much as writing, we strive to give people any outlet they want. We enjoy covering the everyday, the fantastic, and the just plain interesting!


Witch Craft Magazine (250x250).jpgWitch Craft Magazine & Sad Spell Press
Denver, CO

Founded in 2015, Witch Craft is a print magazine and micropress with the goal of publishing work that moves us to believe in magic again.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

word a zine by denver comedians (213x250).jpgword a zine by denver comedians
Matt Wayman – Denver, CO

The belief behind starting the zine aka “Word.” is that comedians are just writers that perform our own material and we need a place to showcase all the other material we produce. Word includes articles, short stories, recipes, paintings, reviews, comics, and interviews. This zine strives to show Denver and beyond how creative this comedy scene is and why we are producing so many national talents!!!

Website | Facebook | More Web GoodnessVideos

Worser Beings (250x226).jpgWorser Beings
chris escobar – St. Louis, MO

Worser Beings is a small press based mostly out of a backpack and a makeshift studio in a backroom. Both of which, located in Saint Louis, Missouri. It focuses all it efforts points into: screen printing, comics, and zines. Each page strenuously drawn.

Website | Instagram

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