2017 Denver Zine Fest Exhibitors

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2017 Exhibitors

Denver Zine Library (250x244)Denver Zine Library
Denver, CO

The Denver Zine Library is a non profit organization founded in 2003 whose mission is to preserve, protect and promote the culture of zines and self published original work through archival collection, workshops, and events. The Denver Zine Library currently houses a preserved collection of over 15,000 independent and alternative zines. The organization is entirely volunteer run and the public can access the full library and archives every Saturday and Sunday from 11am-3pm or by appointment.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter

Karl Christian Krumpholz (211x250)30 Miles of Crazy!, An Introduction to Alcohol, The Denver Bootleg, Revolt to What?
Karl Christian Krumpholz – Denver, CO

different publication and even a documentary. He is currently working on two different weekly comics: The Denver Bootleg for the Westword newspaper, and the true-ish tales of the city 30 Miles of Crazy! Karl is also always looking for a better place to get a drink.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter


Yvette Serrano (250x194)Alfombras, Chamcos, Intros, and Now Playing
Yvette Serrano – Santa Fe, NM

Yvette Serrano is an artist and designer living in Santa Fe, NM. Her zines focus on semiotics, subculture, typography and printmaking.



Life as Sweet as Caromell (250x250)Ailurophile, Dungeons and Destiny, Throwback Thursdaze, and more!
Life as Sweet as Caromell – Fort Collins, CO

Misha is a local illustrator from Fort Collins under the name “Life as Sweet as Caromell” who finds inspiration in science, food, plants, and art. The style comes from anime, nostalgic 90’s, and fantasy. Hopes to convey through illustrations and zines: happiness and nostalgia.

Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter


Jake Roth (179x250)Art and Home Life, Lining It All Up, Mugs Around Town and more!
Jake Roth – Centennial, CO

Growing up, Jake always collected all kinds of comic books, but was probably influenced by the daily comic strips in the newspaper more than any superhero titles. The various Bakerstown books are all attempts to catch those quieter moments that comics are capable of – whether remembering the past, or appreciating the present.



Cori Redford (247x250).jpgAt Your Own Risk, Denver Deviations, and Scientific Inquiry
Cori Redford – Denver, CO

Cori Redford is a magical being made of stardust. She chooses to call Denver her home. Recent projects have included creating the Dungeons After Dark coloring book and becoming Doodle Fights Champion of the World. She is distinguished by her brightly colored plumage.

Website | Facebook | KickstarterRed Bubble


Adri NorrisBetty Williams – Nobel Laureate
Adri Norris – Denver, CO

Adri is an artist who literally exudes happiness when she is doing what she loves to do most. “I paint pretty pictures,” is the way she describes it. Like many artists, she has dabbled, and excelled, in various media including jewelry, T-shirts, acrylic, and pen and ink. However, in recent years she has focused on fine-tuning her watercolor skills and creating an eclectic body of work. She often uses the medium in unexpected ways leading many viewers to exclaim, “how did you do THAT with watercolor?” Adri’s passion shines through her unmistakable smile and her ability to enliven her portraits with joy and expression makes her work perfect for any venue.

Adri was born in Barbados, moved to New York at age five, then to New Mexico at age twelve where she lived on the United World College campus. After one year of studying abroad in Italy, playing more soccer than doing homework, she joined the Marine Corps. Throughout all these adventures, she remained loyal to her sketch book, educating herself and exploring a multitude of techniques. After 5 years in the Marines she was more clear than ever that she wanted to make art her career and moved to Denver to attend the Art Institute of Colorado. After graduating in 2008 she has worked diligently to make a name for herself in the Denver-Metro art scene.


Brain Salt (250x188).jpgBrain Salt
Clark Ellis – Greeley, CO

Brain Salt is a variety show in your pocket:
a keen zine that is delicious, seditious,
and sometimes mean.
We sport poetry, punditry, prose, and art,
or collages and comics
to make us look smart.
Our zines have been political, acronymical,
sexual, and in space.
We can’t wait to shove
the fifth issue in your face.

Brain Salt has 3 dads:
Clark Cain,
John McName,
and Louie Lemon


Bitchin Kitsch 01 (250x250).jpgThe Bitchin’ Kitsch, The Drumpfster Fire Chronicles, Unexceptional Oddball
Chris & Dana Talbot-Heindl – Denver, CO

The Talbot-Heindls are into all things political, creative, and artistic. Chris and Dana’s passion possessed them to spend all of their spare time creating content to feature their own work and others’. They are the creators of the monthly compzines The Bitchin’ Kitsch (an art and lit zine published since July 2010) and Resistance is Fertile (a new political zine chronicling the resistance), as well as a variety of periodically released personal zines (The Drumpfster Fire Chronicles – a weekly zine chronicling the first 100 days of the Drumpf administration, Unexceptional Oddball – a comic zine commemorating just how unremarkable Chris is at most things, Justice Time – a comic zine about the social justice efforts and lives of The Talbot-Heindls) and a biannual chapbook competition.

Website | Bitchin’ Kitsch Facebook | Talbot-Heindl Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Bruce Otter (203x250)Brain Teaser Comics and Grey Matter
Bruce Otter – Denver, CO

Bruce Otter is a cartoonist and podcaster who finds humor when the mundane runs headlong into the weird or vice versa. His comics are infused with monsters, mad science, and weird humor. He is the creator of Brain Teaser Comics, Blank Tape Comics and numerous zines. He also co-hosts the Print, Fold, Staple Podcast. He has a beautiful wife and daughter who tolerate his creative pursuits.

Brain Teaser Website | Blank Tape Website | Facebook | Twitter


Brown and Proud Press (250x171).jpgBrown and Proud Press and SERIO Zines
Luz Magdaleno – Chicago, IL

Brown & Proud Press is a collective of people of color with the intent of sharing personal narratives of struggle through the medium of zines as a catalyst for collective healing and movement. We believe in the necessity of self-preservation and creating visibility around our struggles and histories through the medium of zines. Our main project, the “On Struggling” zine series, brings together personal narratives on topics such as identity, assimilation, racism, mental health, modes of self-care and more from people of color across the country.

“¿SERIO?” is a social justice anthology zine based out of Chicago. Co-founded by Luz Magdaleno, who identifies as a Chican@ Feminist Writer, and Alvaro Zavala, who identifies as a Chicano Queer Illustrator.

We publish literary work, including but not limited to: personal narratives, reviews, poetry, photography and illustrations submitted by a variety of social justice activists. Each printed issue focuses on different movements or themes for example: “The Haunt of Colonization Issue 6” “Mexican American Identity Issue 5” “Environmental Justice Issue 4” “Women’s History Month Issue 3” “Love and Activism Issue 2”. The authors and artists that contribute to this zine come from different racial backgrounds, sexual identities, and experiences that redefine the activist identity.

Facebook | Issuu | Twitter

Anthony Cortes (250x188)Brown Boi Winter: 2017, Indiginous Mexican Sketch Book, The Angry Xicano
Anthony Cortes – Denver, CO

My name is Anthony Cortes. I’m a Chicanx writer, illustrator and educator. My work revolves around life, drinking and social justice.



Terry Ratzlaff 01 (188x250)But The Eyes Are Blind One Must Look With The Heart
Terry A. Ratzlaff / Latent Editions – Denver, CO

Latent Editions: Realizing the potential of the photographic medium through monographs and collaborative visual conversations between photographers.

Website | Instagram | Twitter



Paul Niemiec (220x202)Captain Fantastico
Paul Niemiec – Englewood, CO

Paul Niemiec enjoys inking with a dip pen and sable brush on toothy bristol board. He likes Japanese art supplies and antique pen tips. He Inks the Underground book Captain Fantastico over the pencils of Ethan Wenberg. His influences include John Severin, Alex Nino, Virgil Finley, and Rich Corben. He also plays Swing Guitar.


Juli Jump Rope (200x250).jpgCat Fancy, Star Magazine, TV Guide, and more!
Juli Jump Rope & Grid Zine Fest, Salt Lake City, UT

Juli Jump Rope is a zine maker from Salt Lake City, Utah. She writes fanzines about her favorite water park, Raging Waters, as well as lil’ diary comics about train trips she has taken. She is timidly tiptoeing into making silly spooky comics.

Website | Instagram

Juli also helps organize Grid Zine Fest. The first GZF took place in April 2017, and we’re already planning for our second fest in April 2018. Check out Grid Zine Fest and consider tabling with us next year.

Website | Instagram

Madi and Dustin's Zines (250x188)Charles Guiteau, Five Minute Zines, Phenomenal Eggship Quarterly and more!
Madi Chamberlain & Dustin Holland – Longmont, CO

Dustin and Madi live in Colorado, write poetry, collage, and draw a lot of sharks and monsters (many of which find their way into zines of varying shapes and sizes).

Instagram | More Instagram Goodness | Tumblr


Neil Ewing (188x250)Clear Tributes, Solar City Four, Planet Karl, and more!
Neil Ewing – Denver, CO

Neil Ewing is a multi media artist from South Eastern Colorado.

Neil just wants to create cool art and make people laugh.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



Alex Graham (188x250).jpgCosmic BE-ING and THEMS
Alex Graham – Denver, CO

Alex Graham is a second-incarnation cartoonist. The British author of Fred Basset, (and the artist who coined the phrase “take me to your leader,”) until his death in 1991, Alex Graham of Denver, Colorado, is now the female author of Cosmic BE-ING.

Website | Instagram



Lonnie Allen (250x250)Delineate
Lonnie Allen – Denver, CO

Lonnie MF Allen found his comic-art stride as a high-schooler dabbling in zines and mini-comics, eventually coming up through the ranks in the local comix scene, where he’s long been a regular among Denver’s close-knit cartooning community. An oft-published illustrator, writer and designer in addition to his niche as an award-winning cartoonist, and named one of Westword’s 100 Colorado Creatives, Allen is an organizer for the Denver Drink & Draw meet-up and Doodle Fights!- a combination competition and reading series for comic artists.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter


Denver Public Library
Denver, CO

The Denver Public Library connects people with information, ideas and experiences to provide enjoyment, enrich lives and strengthen our community.


Describe it in Third Person, U Spy, and more!
Brittany McDonald & Jordan Shew – Denver, CO

Jordan Shew (300x294)

Brittany McDonald (200x300)Brittany and Jordan are recent MSU Denver graduates who studied Printmaking and are starting to create zines, using similar approaches taken toward other mediums – by exploring themes like our deepest inner states, fallibility, and fantasy through design and small stories. We often work stylistically within the movements of internet art and minimalism.

Instagram: Brittany & Jordan


DIRT media (250x57)DIRT media
Renee Marino – Boulder, CO

DIRT is an independent art + poetry publication based in Boulder. We support a multitude of artists, primarily by making their work and ideas available to the public, in print. We also host interactive community events. Our hope is to make artists more visible, and encourage collaboration across art forms.

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Elsa Adriana (188x250)Elsa’s Desings
Elsa Adriana – Aurora, CO

My work is art of the light, they’re original and cannot be found anywhere else, only in the mind and heart of the artist… Made with lots of lights, lots of positive energy, not like industry manufacturing that’s only made to be commercialize… A form of expression where artist vents of its wishes for a better world.



Erika Finne 01 (188x250)Estranged, Fledgling, and Grrl Bomb
Erika Finne – Minneapolis, MN

Erika Finne lives in Minneapolis, MN. She went to the University of MN for her BFA, Saint Catherine’s University for her MAE in art education. She is always looking for the next opportunity to translate life experiences into comic art and illustration. She loves to draw her dog (Charlie), pirates and autobiographical memoirs. Her comic zines are full of characters who are more adventurous than she is in real life. Currently, she teaches art to small children.

Website | Tumblr


Extra Vitamins (250x250)Extra Vitamins
Julia Belamarich & Kyle Warfield – Denver, CO

Extra Vitamins is the experimental art and design studio of Julia Belamarich and Kyle Warfield. They create art zines, collages, clothing, installations, murals, and communication design for various music and art-related clients. Their work explores the inner kid, primitive expression, visual synchronicities, and the misuse of tools.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Far Out Zines (250x250)Far Out Zines Distr.
Aurora, CO

Far Out Zines Distr., based in Denver, Colorado, is ran by Emilie Luckett and Curtis Tucker. We buy, sell, and trade zines with the goal of spreading around the amazing art, words, and other creative things people are making in the form of zines, or other fun projects. Nothing is off limits, and the more far out, the better!

Facebook | Instagram


Jeff Washenberger (250x250).jpgHazel, RPG Plants and Herb Wizards, and Dog
Jeff Washenberger – Denver, CO

Born and raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Jeff has been drawing since he could hold a pencil and has been using art to bring magic into this world ever since. Jeff moved to Colorado in 2006 in pursuit of peace and love while he continued to teach himself art. Plants, animals, and love for coffee inspire silly comics and colorful illustrations that explore a world of wonder and imagination we live in everyday.

Instagram | Tumblr


Michael Herring 03 (171x250).jpgThe Hectical Inkerie and Bad Balance
Michael Herring – Boulder, CO

Michael Herring is an artist in Boulder who does dark ink drawings and colorful acrylic paintings.  He created his first zine in 1997 with two high school friends in Des Moines, Iowa. Between 1997 and 2000, he created and ended The Big Hectic and co-created Bad Balance at the Kansas City Art Institute. He has recently released Issue 2 of The Hectical Inkerie, which is a 44 page zine of his ink drawings from between late 2016 and early 2017.

Website | Instagram


Intersections 01 (250x170).jpgIntersections
Olivia Hunte and T – Denver, CO

Intersections zine is designed as a space for individuals with intersecting identities to be presented in positive and supportive media that celebrates the beauty of our communities.

T (pronouns: she/her/hers) is a brown queer woman who enjoys sports, cooking, making music, dancing and art. She spends most of her free time playing with her puppy, hiking/biking/exploring outdoors, and learning to navigate life embracing all her identities.

Olivia Hunte (pronouns: she/her/hers) identifies as a passionate, queer black woman dedicated to fighting systemic oppression through social work. She also enjoys intentionally engaging with others.

Facebook | Instagram

JJamesMcFarland.jpgZines about Hoarding
J. James McFarland – Boulder, CO

J. James McFarland is a commercial illustrator, fine artist, and graphic designer with over a decade of experience. Goal-oriented project management is not only his methodology …

… it is his style of life.

Comics and sequential illustration are driving factors in his daily performance.  Extremely marketable drawing, painting and designing skills. Ability to use creativity and the technical skills of painting and drawing to communicate ideas, sensations, facts, feelings and emotions.

He is currently located in the lush, green heights of Boulder, on the slopes of the Flatirons. There he enjoys breathing the clean air.

J. James is known to smile in the face of deadlines.

Website | More Website Goodness | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

Kit Ramsey (250x190).jpgKit Ramsey – Denver, CO

Denver based traveling film photographer creating photo centric zines based on visual wanderings and found compositions.




Alex Norelli (167x250).jpgLight is a Better God, Polina Starring Polina, and more!
Alex Norelli – New York, NY

Blue Pear Projects offers rare fruit in a variety of published media, celebrating unique visions arising from the fertile soil of the human imagination. Whether it’s visual art, poetry, or wearables, we foster and distribute work that asks viewers to question their assumptions about the world, transporting them to a magical and meaningful universe we dream into existence. We fiercely value social equality and are passionate about collaboration, experimentation, and the rich absurdity of the human experience.

Blue Pear is inspired by the nature of light, which equally and without judgement illuminates the world.

Website | Blue Pear Instagram | Light is a Better God Instagram

Adán De La Garza (300x200)Lurkin Hard, Button Pusher, A Year of Alienation, and Black ID
Adán De La Garza – Denver, CO

Adán is a professional misnomer. Adán’s parents almost named him “Joaquin” but went with Adán because they were too concerned people would “slaughter the pronunciation.” The correct spelling of Adán De La Garza is Adán De La Garza and the correct pronunciation of Adán is here. Adán is a founding member of the Sound, Video and Performance Art collective The Flinching Eye, was a co-conspirator of the media arts exhibition series Nothing To See Here and chooses his own level of involvement at Collective Misnomer. Adán holds a BFA in Photography from the University of Arizona and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Media Arts Practices from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Originally from Tucson Arizona, Adán is currently based in Denver, Colorado and hates writing in the third person.

Adán’s Website | Cody’s Website | Shadowtrash Website | John’s Tumblr |  Collective Misnomer

Rose Crespin (139x250)Mari Crespin (250x250)make. Zine
Mari & Rose Crespin – Arvada, CO


  • Messy headed fine art student who identifies with the queer 90s kid aesthetic.
  • Made make.zine to release some artistic tension.
  • Struggles between wanting to create all the wonderful things and wanting to lay in the grass and watch the clouds forever.

Rose (they/them pronouns), local fiend and content creator, enjoys spend their time writing, making art, and wearing more glitter eyeshadow than was probably necessary for the occasion. Their work typically involves terrible happenstance, queer themes, and robots. They’re thrilled to take part in Denver Zine Fest and get out of the crypt for once.

Instagram | Tumblr


Mori Guild (210x300)Mindless, Peaches, Themselves, and more!
Mori Guild – Denver, CO

Mori Guild is a brother/sister collaborative working in Denver. By creating in response to the present moment, their art is a result of self-exploration through the creative process. Their works include handmade paper collage, 35mm photography, and pen and ink drawings.

Website | Instagram



Rockwell Press (300x277).jpgNada
Rockwell Press – Seattle, WA

You will often hear that Dada is a state of mind. You may be gay, sad, afflicted, joyous, melancholy or Dada. Without being literary, you can be romantic, you can be dreamy, weary, eccentric, a businessman, skinny, transfigured, vain, amiable or Dada… Dada is here, there and a little everywhere, such as it is, with its faults, with its personal differences and distinctions which it accepts and views with indifference. – Tristan Tzara

Issuu | Tumblr

Pollux (250x250).jpgPollux
Kaleigh Coleman – Denver, CO

Pollux zine is a semiannual art zine that showcases up-and-coming artists across all mediums. Based in Denver, Pollux began with local artists submissions but has since grown to include national and even international talent. The third release will debut at this year’s Zine Fest.

Website | Facebook | Instagram



TUBE (250x250)A Pretty Wheel, Indefinite Cavity, Donalbain II, and more!
TUBE – Denver, CO

TUBE is a collaborative video project featuring Matt Plain and Zachary Barnes-Faggs. Their process combines a circuit-bending VHS tapes with digital manipulation in post-production. These two opposing aesthetics create videos which are at once nostalgic and current. TUBE began as a live video mixing outfit providing visuals for DJ nights and local musicians. “CHANGING ROOM” is a video magazine that marks TUBE’s first foray into physical media. It marks a transition from traditional zine making into a video format. Featuring footage generated by both Matt and Zach, the artists explore the boundaries of analog media. “CHANGING ROOM” will be released on a limited run of VHS and DVD. Also available at the table will be a collection of prints by Matt entitled “Philosophy is Dumb Written in Bubble Letters” and other odds and ends.

Matt’s Instagram | Zach’s Instagram

Rainbow Feather (250x250)Rainbow Feather Sketchbook
Rachel Pfeffer – Boulder, CO

Rachel Pfeffer is an artist/illustrator/designer/screenprinter from Philadelphia, currently hanging around Colorado.  She started Rainbow Feather in 2014 to screen print for her friends, produce zines and art prints, and make really nice tshirts.



Raw Fury, God in a Bottle, is EMANCIPATION, and more!
is PRESS (250x250).jpgis PRESS – Denver, CO

is PRESS – the press of the Institute of Sociometry – publishes short run artists books and zines documenting urban art and conceptual time-based art projects in an accessible narrative format along the loose theme of individuals and their relationship to groups. Institute of Sociometry or is practices and promotes guerrilla sociometry deploying strategies from ’Pataphysics, Fluxus, Situationism, Neoism, Immediatism, Ontological Anarchy, and Dada Epistimology. is PRESS has recently released two publications; “is EMANCIPATION” is a 130 page hand bound book with 2-color letterpress covers in an edition of 200 that is a 21 year anthology of art intervention and prank collective The Institute of Sociometry and Raw Fury #4 a luxury zine™ and urban art annual with screen printed and letterpress printed covers in an edition of 150 that covers Denver and Chicago art scenes featuring Johnny Sampson, Molly Bounds, Kashink, and Emit in addition to twelve other artists.

is PRESS Website | Sociometry Website | Instagram

Since I Last Saw You and Raz
Mark Ray – Denver, CO

Since I Last Saw You (Spring/Summer 2017) is a zine of letters  and Raz (#2.5 and online Raz #3) is an erotic fiction and love prose zine.

Mark Ray is an original DZL volunteer, and is an aspiring optimist that has been self-publishing for over 15 years. This year he is publishing a personal zine, Since I Last Saw You, which chronicles several life transitions and examines adult life in Denver, CO. It is creative non-fiction in letter form, with all photography and graphics designed and instrumented solo. Very fortunate to be a part of DZF 2017!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Recycled Paper Zines (221x250)Recycled Paper Zines
Carissa Gonzales – Denver, CO

Recycled Paper Zines are made from abandoned materials that are transformed into art.  Every paper is made using a process of blending unwanted paper with water then straining the pulp to make unique paper with different colors and textures. This allows us to manipulate a material that is often neglected creatively. Paper is generally mass produced  to be uniform in size and texture, we wanted to break away from standard paper to create individual zines. Each unique zine varies in content, size and aesthetic.

Carissa’s Instagram | Wen Ben’s Instagram

Jantzen Peake (193x250)Shark Boy & The Ghost Ryder Zines
Jantzen Peake – Colorado Springs, CO

Jantzen Peake was born and raised in Hermosa Beach CA. He moved to CO. Springs to be closer to family and share a portal into his creative visions with not only his family and the community but also the World Wide Web.

Jantzen Peake grew up around Graffiti Art, Street Art, surf /skateboard culture and the funky world of cartoons living so close to the city of Angels (Los Angeles). He tries to bring those experiences into his artwork through spray paint, mixed media, digital art as well as the legal ways of Zines to express his voice. He is attracted to the styles of art that push the boundaries and break the rules through stapled pierced pages a hand must reveal. His 1/2 table will be SHELLSHOCKING and just might help you escape into a world beyond this world with his NEW Shark Boy and Ghost Ryder Zines as well as his art prints!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Shortandqueer Zine (250x250)Shortandqueer Zine
Kelly Shortandqueer – Denver, CO

For the past decade, Kelly Shortandqueer has been publishing the zine series “shortandqueer”, each issue focusing on a different theme through the lens of being queer and transgender. His storytelling has been featured on The Narrators stage as well as through a collaboration between the Narrators and DCPA’s Off-Center at the Jones Theater, in a show titled “Lived/Re-Lived”. He is also one of the co-founders of the Denver Zine Library.

Besides writing and storytelling, Kelly is also a drag artist, performing under the name Olive de Bottom. Since being crowned Honky Tonk Queen of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs in 2014, he has performed at several local and national venues and is always looking for new excuses to make appearances.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Barbosa Girls (250x188).jpgBarbosa Girls – Denver, CO

Jazzmyn and Taylor Barbosa are twin printmakers currently living 1,208 miles apart from each other. Making zines that range in topic from relationships to self-help to their mutual love of Adam Sandler, they use humor and sadness to make you feel something. Some titles you will see this summer include, but are not limited to, “Things that Need Water, Things that Don’t”, “Temporary Furniture”, and “The Way We Were”. You’ll find them drawing and writing poems while constantly making fun of one another at literally any place you go in Denver.

Website | Instagram: Jazzmyn & Taylor | Tumblr: Jazzmyn & Taylor

Teeth Dreams Magazine 01 (250x188)Teeth Dreams Magazine
Harmony R. Sheehan & Randall Julio Chamber Vargas – Aurora, CO

Teeth Dreams Magazine is a poetry, prose and art magazine designed to be a place for the non-literati to be heard. Teeth dreams are one of the most common recurring dreams, happening universally when a person feels out of control in life. Dreams and teeth are personal and pure and need to be taken care of. They can equally serve to help nourish and illuminate us, or destroy us slowly.

We gravitate towards publishing honest, confessional work which lives to help mend our voices back together. Using the architecture of language to show us what is true. Each issue has cover art made by a different person who interprets what teeth dreams means to them. We accept submissions year-round and do not take money for submissions.

Purely non-profit, we make this magazine just to feel like we are sometimes still human and can’t explain why we can’t sometimes. Submit to: teethdreamsmagazine@gmail.com

Website| Facebook

Jake Fairly (250x250).jpgThis is Heavy Metal
Jake Fairly – Denver, CO

Jake Fairly is a Denver based artist that in every sense of the phrase, brings the thunder. He is currently unleashing the book “This Is Heavy Metal” upon this putrid plane. The book can be accurately summarized as “metal AF”. He has had work featured in a host of local publications including the mighty Westword. If you will permit me to be real for a moment I must say that Jake is one of the most talented, insightful, and beautiful artists in the city. He also has a very silly chest hair pattern, so if you see him feel free to have him show it to you.

Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr

Tinto Press (225x250).jpgTinto Press
Ted Intorcio – Denver, CO

We’re Denver natives! Tinto Press is a boutique publisher of graphic novels, staple-bound comics and mini comics that focus on a variety of genres. Our goal is to publish great independent stories and art from a diverse pool of creators with the utmost attention to quality in content and design. Check out our newest publication; An Introduction to Alcohol by Karl Christian Krumpholz. 2017 DINKy Winner Best In Show.



Uncommon Futures (250x94)Uncommon Futures
Denver, CO

Uncommon Futures is a publication and a website made up of real-life stories, profiles, sketches, and poems. Since a lot of people are not heard, and sometimes poetry and art say just as much as writing, we strive to give people any outlet they want. We enjoy covering the everyday, the fantastic, and the just plain interesting!

Website Facebook

Way Out Magazine (250x250)Way Out Magazine
Meredith Higgins & Austin Curry – Denver, CO

Your wild work made to be held: a thematic publication for the promotion of unsung makers.

Instagram | Tumblr



Yes, Ma'am (250x250)Yes, Ma’am
Elle Minter & Suzy Gonzalez – Austin & San Antonio, TX

Born in San Marcos, TX in 2011, Yes, Ma’am is an all-inclusive feminist zine by Elle Minter and Suzy González. We’re into DIY publishing, free speech, community organizing, and lifting up women. Our compilation zines include a range of creative output including poetry, comics, rants, and recipes. Early this year, we organized the San Antonio chapter of the Nasty Women Exhibition. Our most recent zines are Issue 10: The Vegan Issue and our Microaggresion microzine. This Summer we will put out Issue 11: The Body Issue. We see the freedom of self-publishing as an act of defiance, and we’re not stopping any time soon!

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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