The Collection

Denver Zine Library (250x244)The Denver Zine Library currently has a lending collection of around 20,000 zines.

Our Catalog:
We are in the process of moving to a new online catalog. Thanks for your patience as we slowly add titles to this new system. If you are looking for something specific, you can visit the DZL during our open hours or contact

If you are looking for new homes for any of your zines or those you have collected over the years, zine libraries are an excellent place to archive these creations. Our entire collection has been donated by many incredible people.

Lending Policy:
Because we only maintain one copy of each zine in our collection, we ask that people borrowing zines treat them well.

  • Visit the DZL three times and you can borrow zines on your third visit.
  • Select up to five zines.
  • Return them within three weeks.


5 thoughts on “The Collection

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  2. Hey! Nicolas R. Sequeira’s two masterpieces, Merriment And Comic Follies and Bizarre Tales Of Science Fiction, are NOT in your online catalog. What’s going on with that? He gave you those comic books- so you need to offer them to the public! People should read his great work.

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