Zine Librarian Alumni

Chris Moody

Zine Librarian - Chris Moody

Zines: horse gurl press ❤: queer, fun, vivid, recycled paper, refurbished ink, punk nature, etc.

When I lived in Denver I worked with Kelly and Mel on bringing back the zine fest out of hiatus as well as several other zine library thangs! If I still lived there I’d definitely still be there, love the zine library and I hope it lasts till eternity! I don’t live in Denver anymore, but I miss it. I make lots of zines, collages, etc. and take a lot of pictures and write and stuff, one of my biggest pet peeves is discarding paper…. so I always end up saving every little scrap… even scraps of scraps of scraps…. when I’m old I will definitely be holding on to scraps from decades ago. I love fruit and big hairy bellies! 🙂

Melissa Black

Zine Librarian - Melissa Black

Zines: Seagulls: is a reflection of being a kid at the beach. Parents would always compare their squawks to human laughs. This is speculation on what the seagulls were laughing at. Magical Old People: giving life and stories to old photographs found randomly covering the block as well as antique shops in New Orleans, LA and Golden, CO.

Connection to the DZL: I think it’s really important for people to have access to self-made publications and art. It is super rewarding seeing people’s excitement over picking up a zine for the first time or seeing those who are avid zine readers see what an impressive collection we have. No one seems to leave disappointed, and I’ve been glad to be a part of that shared experience for so long. Also, I helped bring back the Denver Zine fest after a 5 year hiatus, what could be more exciting than that?!

Bio: I’m an avid creator and will dabble with any art form I can get my hands on. My most recent endeavors include pottery, figure drawing, scratch cooking, and playing music with my friends. You’ll find me reading cookbooks cover to cover with my head in the clouds thinking what can I do next?