Zinester Profile

The Vamp DeVille

How would you describe your work?

Mixed Media Interdisciplinary Artist with a focus on political art.

What do you enjoy most about making zines/comics/art?

The connection it creates with the viewer. I think we often feel alone as we express ourselves through our creations. When viewers can connect with your work it immediately makes you realize we are all having intense experiences.

What’s your favorite medium to use?

Digital Mixed Media

What drew you to zine culture?

The ability to create without restrictions, something accessible and affordable in the artistic community.

What other artists should we check out? What is inspiring you right now?


What is your favorite zine / zine publisher?

Hey Ladies – Collection Five – Samantha Tang

What music or films have influenced your work?

Everything! I know that sounds insane but I’m obsessed with music and movies so each one has left a mark. “Naked Lunch” is one of my favorite movies and when it comes to music, I listen to everything I can. I create a lot of my work with suggested songs that I’ve been listening to on repeat as I create. The connection between visual art and music has always been a huge part of my creative process which is why I get so excited when I’m asked to create album art.

What is a dream zine project you’d love to undertake if time and money wasn’t an option?

Something political for sure! I’d love to see a collective of artists working to describe their experience with race and politics in America.

What are you working on right now?

I’ve been rebuilding my website, writing a memoir, and preparing to present my paper on Puerto Rican reclamation and the statehood movement at the HERA (Humanities Education Research Association) conference in March.

Favorite thing about Denver and/or Colorado?

300 days of shine!

Check out The Vamp DeVille’s work here:

@thevampdeville (IG)

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