Zinester Profile

Lonnie MF Allen

How would you describe your work?

Early on, my work was more focused on autobiographical and slice of life. As time moved on and as of current, I am more moved by the surreal and sociological.

What do you enjoy most about making zines/comics/art?

The freedom to whatever my muse takes me as opposed to what the market dictates.

What’s your favorite medium to use?

Pen and paper.

What drew you to zine culture?

The diversity of voices, the purity of those voices, and lack of gatekeeping.

What other artists should we check out? What is inspiring you right now?

Adrienne Norris is doing some cool stuff.

What is your favorite zine / zine publisher?

Warm Cookies for Revolution is pretty awesome

What music or films have influenced your work?

Really bad 80s movies.

What is a dream zine project you’d love to undertake if time and money wasn’t an option?

A giant sized zine newspaper

What are you working on right now?

Comics and art then some art and comics.

Favorite thing about Denver and/or Colorado?

How supportive this city is

Check out Lonnie MF Allen’s work here:

fb & insta @lonniemfallen

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