2018 Denver Zine Fest

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2018 Denver Zine Fest
Sunday, June 24
McNichols Civic Center Building
144 W Colfax Ave, Denver CO

The Denver Zine Fest is back and bigger than ever! Don’t miss this free event showcasing zinesters, comic artists, and independent publishers from around the country!







The 2018 Denver Zine Fest is supported by the Denver Arts & Venues Cultural Partner Program at the McNichols Civic Center Building.

PrintMcNichols (250x100)

Many thanks to our fabulous sponsors.

Denver Orbit   DINK   Kilgore Books and Comics (250x213)

meow wolf color on white square shadow   Mutiny (250x247)   NarratorsRatio Beerworks   Sexy Pizza (250x230)

Denver Zine Library (250x244)

Denver Zine Library
Denver, CO

The Denver Zine Library is a nonprofit organization founded in 2003 whose mission is to preserve, protect and promote the culture of zines and self-published original work through archival collection, workshops and events. The Denver Zine Library currently houses one of the largest zine collections in North America with a preserved collection of over 20,000 independent and alternative zines. The organization is entirely volunteer run, and the public can access the full library and archives during open hours on Saturdays and Sunday between 11am-3pm or by appointment.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter

Adult Punk (250x62)Adult Punk
Denver, CO

Adult Punk is a small publishing house in Denver, Colorado. We are a canopy for artists who don’t fit neatly within definition.

Instagram | Tumblr


Anagram Zine DistroAnagram Zine Distro
Denver, CO

Anagram Zine Distro specializes in photo based zines and whatever we want.

Website | Distro

Aubrie Van Zandt (250x167)Aubrie Van Zandt
Denver, CO

Aubrie Van Zandt is a relatively new artist from Denver, CO who promotes her work under the name VanZayton Arts. Aubrie primarily uses black ink to create high contrast images inspired by nature, anatomy, and the macabre. With a keen eye for detail and simplicity, her work is a reflection of the more elegant and bizarre things inhabiting our world that are too often ignored. She believes that even the most creepy and misunderstood things can be beautiful and worthy of display.

Instagram | Twitter

Barbosa Twins (250x188)The Barbosa Twins
Denver, CO

The Barbosa Twins are Denver local artists who have been writing zines and mini-comics for about five years. Using hand drawn or found imagery from websites like craigslist, these two explore the liminal space between being happy and feeling sad. Some of their zine topics include self help, relationships, and their mutual love of Adam Sandler. Jazzmyn and Taylor met on the first day of sixth grade in the line to join the Renaissance Club. When the twins are not making zines, you can typically find them on their porch, roasting their friends.

Jazzmyn’s Tumblr | Taylor’s Tumblr

Best of Math Class

Best of Math Class
Chicago, IL

Earnest, dark, and absolutely no math involved




Brain Salt (188x250)

Brain Salt: (Clark Cain, Louie Lemon, and John McName)
Greeley, CO

Brain Salt is a variety show in your pocket! We sport poetry, art, fake news, astro physics, short stories, and mayhem in our tiny hand-bound zine. This year marks our 6th issue (it’s been 6 years of zine making!) and our 4th year with Denver Zine Fest. Life is unpredictable and crazy and so are our zines! Salt your brain to taste 😛




Brain Teaser Comics (250x220)Brain Teaser Comics and Grey Matter
Englewood, CO

Bruce Otter is an Englewood, CO cartoonist who explores the humor of the mundane running headlong into the weird or vice versa. His comics are infused with monsters, mad science, and weird humor. He is the creator of Brain Teaser Comics, and runs Blanktapecomics.com, home to miscellaneous comics and art. He’s produced several zines including Grey Matter, exploring the ubiquitous alien grey archetype, Discordian Quote Comix, & Notes of the Future. The world is getting weirder all the time, and Bruce is finding it difficult to keep up.

Brain Teaser Comics | Blank Tape Comics | Facebook | Twitter

Denver, CO

Buddy is a new zine that features creative writing from around the world about a wide variety of mental health issues including bio-psych-social and political concerns.  Founded in 2017 by poet and psych nurse David Welper, we aim to publish all genres of writing from anybody who has something to say about mental health.  We also strive to grow into a community resource.  Please see our site for details.

 Website | Facebook  | Twitter

Fort Collins, CO

Hello! I’m Ree of Caromellarts, a local artist from Fort Collins, CO. I enjoy making watercolors of plants, silly zines, and comics. I hope my zines and artwork will bring a smile to your face~

Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter




Coffee People (250x186)

Coffee People
Denver, CO

Coffee People is a seasonal submission-based zine publication. It was founded by roaster at Logan House Coffee Co / barista at Amethyst Coffee Co, Kat Melheim. The purpose is to provide a platform for baristas, roasters, cafe owners, production assistants, importers, and other coffee professionals to display their creative talents and passions outside the cafe. So many coffee people are also artists, poets, photographers, writers, etc., and Coffee People is here to support and display these other dimensions of their personhood. Coffee People began in Denver, and was created as (and continues to be) a window into the specialty coffee scene of the Front Range – not exclusive to Colorado, but proud of the expansive community here. Issue 01 was released in March 2018, and Issue 02 comes out June 21.

Website | FacebookInstagram

Cori RedfordCori Redford
Denver, CO

Cori is a magical creature made of stardust. She was coaxed out of the enchanted forest and harnessed to a computer. She produces zines, coloring books, comics, and other artsy things. Her magic is best powered by dim sum and key wot, but she’ll settle for cash.

Website | Instagram | Denver Deviations



Daniel Crosier (250x250)

Daniel Crosier
Aurora, CO

Daniel Crosier is a graduate of RMCAD 2000, with an BFA in sculpture.  He is a mixed media artist, and began a neo-kabuki performance group called OFM: OdAm fEI mUd in 2003.  Crosier came on to the comic book scene in 2006 writing and illustrating Sons of Soil, The Exquisite Vanishteer, Distortions Unlimited, Vincent Price Presents, as well as illustrating Bartholomew of the Scissors & Caustic Soda. Crosier partnered with The Enigma and Serana Rose for Show Devils comic book series and collaborating with several Denver-base illustrators. He has directed short films since 2005, releasing his first feature film, Isolation Man, a mockumentary about a superhero who accidentally vanishes the western hemisphere. Crosier is currently producing his Camp Crash, Mad Max/Meatballs serial.  Daniel is also one of the co-founders of Dink Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo.  Daniel has also added mural artist to his repertoire.

Website | DiNK | Isolation Man | Misassembly

Denver OrbitDenver Orbit
Denver, CO

When Josh first heard This American Life and Radiolab he knew what he wanted to do. Copy them. So he started Denver Orbit.

Denver Orbit is an audio magazine featuring voices, stories and music from Colorado’s creative community. Josh Mattison is not a magazine and only nominally creative but he likes helping others say things. Into a mic. Those things can be interviews, stories, songs, poetry, and really just about anything that’s compelling in some way. He believes a diverse array of voices are what Denver has and is making it his mission to showcase as many if them as he can.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Denver Public Library (250x167)Denver Public Library
Denver, CO

The Denver Public Library connects people with information, ideas and experiences to provide enjoyment, enrich lives and strengthen our community.



Derek Knierim (250x250)Derek Knierim
Denver, CO

Derek Knierim is a Denver based artist who works primarily in illustration, design and comic books. He has created his own self-produced comic book series Manifest:Future of which he exhibits at conventions on the local and national level. After releasing the third installment at Denver Comic Con this past June, Derek has begun preliminary work on the fourth installment (of a planned 5 issue story arc). Derek Loves to think about alternate dimensions, space, and cool looking characters. Often dreaming of these things leads to new ideas for future illustrations, or characters in his upcoming comic book(s). He has a strong passion for comic books and video games and hopes to use his powers for good as a character artist in either industry.

Website | Instagram

Dirt MediaDirt Media
Boulder, CO

Dirt Media is an independent publishing and media production organization, based in Boulder, Colorado. Our zine, DIRT, features the work of visual artists, poets, and arts entrepreneurs – local and global.


Dylan Edwards (250x250)

Dylan Edwards
Aurora, CO

Dylan Edwards is an award-winning queer trans comic artist, best known as the creator of TRANSPOSES and VALLEY OF THE SILK SKY. His comics have been featured in several anthologies, including QU33R (2014 Ignatz Award), NO STRAIGHT LINES (2013 Lambda Literary Award), and BEYOND (2016 Lambda Literary Award). His work has also appeared on The Nib, PEN America, and Splinter News.



Eliza McKinneyEliza McKinney
Salt Lake City, UT

Eliza McKinney is an artist and loller from Salt Lake City, UT. She makes zines about pop culture, history, and emotions to combat existential angst. If you like to have fun and aren’t a dumdum, you will enjoy her work.





Elwin Cotman (250x166)

Elwin Cotman
Aurora, CO

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Elwin Cotman is the author of two short story collections, The Jack Daniels Sessions EP and Hard Time Blues. He holds a BA in Writing from the University of Pittsburgh and an MFA from Mills College. As a touring artist, he has done readings across North America, Canada, and France.


Giant Rat (250x224)The Giant Rat
Portland, OR

The Giant Rat is a cartoonist and zine cobbler togetherer who embodies the worst of both coasts and likes to make art out of garbage. They love being new at things and focus on how things feel rather than how they look. Doofy creatures and clashy patterns serve as vehicles to talk about, like, brain stuff, and social issue stuff, and gay stuff, and people’s senses of self or whatever, they guess. They organize the occasional anthology, run a webcomic, have a mostly-daily art blog, and publish monthly minicomics. If you say hello, they can and will attempt to rope you into doodling something in exchange for nightmare zines, so be warned.

Website | Gumroad Store | Tumblr

Gold Star ArtGold Star Art
Richmond, VA

Gold Star Art/Cody will have zines brought to you mostly by this Virgo moon (that is, content heavy in pro-tips on living), as well as embroidered patches and screenprints that make your heart soft & warm, all the way from Richmond VA!! See ya soon!

Website | Instagram



Gregory Baldridge (84x250)

Gregory Baldridge
Albuquerque, NM

Teech is a minimalist cartoon about teaching and the inner workings of our public school system.  A mix of non-fiction, whimsy, and social justice issues, Teech will cause you to laugh and cry on the same page.  Teech is written and drawn by Gregory Baldridge, a 1st grade teacher from Albuquerque, New Mexico.





GVVL GraphicsGVVL Graphics
Atlantic Beach, FL

Genre defying MAGIC zines from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Popular titles include: STORYTELLER, SATANIC INVASION, VIDEO CRYPT, Country Creeps, TROLL CRAFT, RAINFOREST DREAMS, BEACH WITCH, and TEDDY DREAMS.




Hush Antholgy (250x138)

Hush Anthology
Los Angeles, CA

The Hush Anthology is a curated collection of short stories and experimental comics by various artists. We have currently been running for two years and are constantly looking for new stories to add to upcoming volumes. The release of our first volume (an east and west coast issue!) will come right before Denver Zine Fest so get pumped!

Website | Instagram | Tumblr

is PRESS (250x250)is PRESS
Denver, CO

is PRESS is PRESS publishes short run art books and zines documenting urban art and conceptual time-based art projects in an accessible narrative format along the loose theme of individuals and their relationship to groups. Our art books and zines deploy a sophisticated design aesthetic and high quality printing, often featuring letterpress and screenprinting. is PRESS also distros art books, zines, patches, and prints featuring graphic art, urban art, street art, urban photography, and graffiti – mostly of artists in Denver and Chicago. is PRESS is the press of The Institute of Sociometry.

Website | Instagram | Sociometry

Jacob McWilliams (159x250)Jake McWilliams
Denver, CO

Jake McWilliams is the Director of the Women & Gender Center at the University of Colorado Denver. He writes about gender, social justice, graduate school, and education in his zine making edible playdough is hegemonic. Keywords: transgender, queer, Hamilton, awesome, cats.




Jaromir Stoll (250x250)Jaromir Stoll
Columbus, OH

Jaromir Stoll is a comics creator, folklorist of comics in India, and professor of social science at Columbus College of Art & Design. As Great Bear Comics, he self-publishes illustrated mysteries, comics on the ineffable in life, and comics anthologies like Ursa Antho: A Collection of Bear Comics. He also prints misanthropic t-shirts, designs anti-capitalist pins, and creates the online strip Battle the Unicorn, where the titular character combats dragons, existentialism, misogyny, and other monsters. Stoll has co-edited and contributed to DOGS! An Anthology of Comics from India & the USA, written for Mister V’s Life is Grand Strip, co-created Gen-eXXed with J. James McFarland, and contributed to BLOCKED: Stories from the World of Online Dating. His most recent minicomics are autobio stories about dealing with life’s BS – from appreciating impermanence in “My Self” to embracing the intense reflexivity of moving in “Dear Denver.”

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Jeff Washenberger (250x250)Jeff Washenberger
Denver, CO

Zines: Dreamworld,  Oh Jeff,  A Quiet Little Day,  Hazel. Jeff is a video game character currently living on a hill in Denver, he likes to draw comics about life, dogs, coffee, and all things silly. A love for bright colors, trees, sunsets, and funny comics have inspired him to draw from a young age. Today Jeff does his best to make people smile and help the world be a better place.

Website | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter


Jillian SandellJillian Sandell
Joshua Tree, CA

I made my first zine in 2016 at the age of 51 and participated in my first zine fest last year! Two years ago, in the midst of a health crisis, I found that drawing about my experiences helped me process them, and these early rough drawings evolved into an ongoing art practice. In that time I have completed seven different zines (and started about ten others) using a mix of cartoon-style drawings, narrative, and abstract images, and on varying topics, including cancer, environmental justice, daily life, and dogs. I live in Joshua Tree with my partner and our dog.

Johnnie (242x250)

Topeka, KS

Johnnie is a genderqueer artist who makes zines, writes and performs poetry, tells stories, takes photographs, occasionally paints, and compulsively cooks (being a recovering chef).

Zines are a way of expressing ideas rolling around in my head. I was in the zine culture back in the late 80’s and early 90’s but I fell away from it. About four years ago a friend re-introduced me to them. I haven’t looked back. I’ve been published in FemStatic Zine created by Charissa Lucille of Wasted Ink Zine Distro, who also carries my work in her shop. My zines run from recipes to perzines and micro-zines featuring photography, and I’m currently working on a Spices series in micro zine format. I plan to have it available at the Denver Zine Fest. I drink large quantities of coffee and binge watch shows on Netflix while hanging out with my cat and my spouse.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Karl Christian KrumpholzKarl Christian Krumpholz
Denver, CO

Originally from the East Coast, award-winning cartoonist Karl Christian Krumpholz’s work has appeared in many different publications and even a documentary. He is currently working on two different weekly comics: ‘The Denver Bootleg’, which examines local musical history for Denver’s Westword newspaper, and the true-ish tales of the various lives in the city in ’30 Miles of Crazy!’.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter


Kate WilkerKate Wilker
Denver, CO

Kate Wilker is a local Denver artist specializing in photography, film, and installation. Her work with zines is a result of brainstorming, boredom, and searching for inspiration between the times she is making bigger works.





Kelly Shortandqueer (250x249)

Kelly Shortandqueer
Denver, CO

Kelly Shortandqueer is one of the co-founders of the Denver Zine Library (DZL), a volunteer-run nonprofit organization that boasts over 20,000 zines in the lending collection. For over a decade, the DZL has hosted multiple Denver Zine Fests, facilitated tons of zine-making workshops, and has championed the power of self-publishing as a powerful tool for marginalized voices. He has been publishing his zine series “Shortandqueer” since the early 2000s, with each issue focusing on a different theme through the lens of his queer and transgender identities. Kelly’s live storytelling has been featured on The Narrators and Mortified podcasts. Besides writing and storytelling, Kelly is also a drag artist, performing under the name Olive de Bottom. Since being crowned Honky Tonk Queen of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs in 2014, he has performed at several local and national venues and is always looking for new excuses to make appearances.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Kelsey Choo (217x216)Kelsey Choo
Colorado Springs, CO

Kelsey Choo is a Hawaii girl who loves comics, cartoons, monsters, magic, toys, sunshine, and nature. A 2013 grad of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she previously lived in Chicago for eight years. She currently resides in Colorado Springs, making comics, zines, and other items.


Website | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter

Lonnie MF Allen (250x250)Lonnie MF Allen
Denver, CO

For the past eight years, Lonnie Allen has been best known around Denver as the organizer of Denver Drink and Draw​, a weekly gathering of comics artists. He’s also an accomplished cartoonist in his own right. His work has appeared in ​Image Comics​ and ​Dark Horse Comics​. He has been nominated for a prestigious ​Eisner Award​, won a ​DiNKy​ for ​Outstanding Work by a Colorado Creator and named as one of the ​100 Colorado Creatives​ by ​The Westword. He’s currently the art director for Suspect Press​ and a designer for ​City, O’ City​ and ​Campus Lounge.


Martin Sammy Gardea (190x250)Martin Sammy Gardea
Chicago, IL

Martin is a Colorado native currently living & working in Chicago. He grew up in the north eastern planes of Colorado and lived in Denver through his early and mid 20’s before moving to the West Coast then the Midwest.  He uses his humorous outlook on life to press pause on a moment in reality to create a narrative for the viewer. Sometimes in a disbelief of possibility. Word play is often interweaved through pulling together different references of pop culture and personal anecdotes. The final results with him is a versatile accessibility to various materials to allow a permanence of what was once a natural everyday experience.

Website | Instagram

merrily merrily merrily merrilymerrily merrily merrily merrily
Lincoln, NE

merrily merrily merrily merrily is an ongoing creative project. the current focus is putting out newsprint booklets that contain writing and images. some goals: pay artists, hype awesome stuff ppl in nebraska are doing, sell/promote booklets in a way that doesn’t feel weird or shitty but instead feels fun.

Merrily… Website | Paul Hanson Clark Website

Meeting New People Isn't The Easiest Thing.jpgMeeting New People Isn’t The Easiest Thing
Dallas, TX

Meeting New People Isn’t The Easiest Thing is an ongoing visual collaboration between photographers Janna Añonuevo Langholz and Laidric Stevenson. Since meeting through circumstance back in 2013, Janna and Laidric have communicated with each other through their photographs and electronic methods such as email and Facebook Messenger.

Janna’s website | Laidric’s Website | Janna’s Instagram | Laidric’s Instagram | Tumblr

Michael Herring (188x250)

Michael Herring
Boulder, CO

Michael Herring is an artist in Boulder, CO. His zines are collections of drawings, which are influenced by Christian art, comix, and Heavy Metal music.

Website | Facebook | Instagram




Mik Fuqua (250x250)Mik Fuqua
Aurora, CO

Girl, 25, deli chef by day, comics writing hermit by night. When not writing goofy, angsty mini-comics or waxing poetics, can be found aspiring to be a space pirate, getting lost in Wikipedia tangents, and eating way too many jelly candies.

Website | Instagram | Issuu



miss jody (250x250)miss jody

miss jody is a recent transplant from tulsa, oklahoma to denver. her zines are centered primarily around her artwork, which explores topics like zombie apocalypse, sex work, and her personal mental health issues. each story is told through sketches, journal entries, and comics. when she is not working on zines you’ll find her holed up in her studio working on illustrations and her comic project, currently titled Culhane. if you want to watch her quietly you can find her on instagram, but questions and confessions can be emailed to cyclopsfairystudios@gmail.com.

Facebook | Instagram

Mori Guild.jpgMori Guild
Denver, CO

Mori Guild is a bro/sis collab doing arty things. Their zines include 35mm photography, paper collage, and pen and ink drawings. Their work explores the themes of the sadness in impermanence and the beauty in imperfection.

Website | Moriguild Instagram | Ryan’s InstagramStephanie’s Instagram

National Monument Press (250x250)

National Monument Press
Oakland, CA

National Monument Press is a publishing project by Oakland based artist Zach Clark focused on supporting the investigation and documentation of under-shared uniquely American stories through small edition artist books, zines, and printed matter, conceived of and completed largely through collaboration with other artists.

Website | Instagram | Twitter


Neil EwingNeil Ewing
Parker, CO

Neil Ewing is an artist that lives and works out of Colorado.  A RMCAD graduate in fine arts, he makes comics, toys and animation. Ewing runs a small comic label called Kool Planet Comics.

Website | Instagram



Pollux (250x250)

Denver, CO

Pollux is a Denver based art zine lead by Kaleigh Coleman and David Bridges.  Pollux strives to promote up-and-coming artists across all mediums into it’s pages and has featured more than 25 artists and musicians since it’s beginning in 2016.  Pollux is set to release it’s Fifth edition at Denver Zine Fest this year with a new lineup of artists including Drew Austin (Denver), Hayley Quentin (Los Angeles), Anastasija Pudane (London), and Schapero (Los Angeles).

Website | Instagram


Sam RespassSam Respass
Kansas City, MO

Sam Respass is an illustrator, designer and amateur botanist currently residing in Kansas City, MO. He self-publishes zines about supernatural horror, mythology, voodoo and foxes (Y’now just to keep things varied).

Website | Instagram | Twitter



Sarah Allen ReedSarah Allen Reed
St. Charles, MO

Sarah Allen Reed is a prolific cartoonist, author, zinester and DIY enthusiast, and musician based out of Saint Charles, Missouri. In the comix and zine world, she is perhaps best known as the proprietor of The Blackwork Organization, or BLACKWORK for short, and as the author and illustrator behind their flagship title, Tabula Rosetta. Her experimental and often chaotic nature–she has, among other things, set her own books on fire, hid copies in broad daylight in public places for people to find, and blended ARG elements and comics in a way that melds the fiction of the page and the fabric of the real world–is perhaps only surpassed by her prolific nature, often releasing five or so zines every two months. When she’s not busy in the studio, she enjoys cooking, working out, studying theology and the occult, and spending time with her found family, their dog Nova, and their cat, Barnabas.

Website | Instagram

Shane & Valerie Montroy (250x250)

Shane & Valerie Montroy
Denver, CO

Shane & Valerie Montroy are a creative powerhouse couple who create zines, art, and fashion!! Monkey Ideas for the Robot World is a mashup of collage, artwork, and found words and images. These two are great photographers and incorporate their own photos into their work.

eBay | Instagram | Poshmark



Simon KugelSimon Kugel and Friends
Boulder, CO

Simon Kugel, Nathaniel Perkins and Leslie Orihel are zine makers based out of Boulder Colorado, dealing with a variety of themes like the struggles of modern life, vocational stress and absurd humor.

@simonkugel | @tridentboulder | @nkperkins




Spit PoetrySpit Poet Publishing
Denver/Boulder, CO

Spit Poet is a small, community led publishing company, specializing in poetry chapbooks and Spit Poet Zine is our flagship publication. Started in 2017 by Caito Foster, Spit Poet Zine has released 3 volumes that feature 50+ poets from all over Colorado, the US and the world. The goal of Spit Poet Zine is to bridge the gaps between artists, create an open space for collaboration, and to teach the ropes of self publishing. Writers are asked to submit pieces that they are proud of and would choose to publish. These pieces are then compiled and laid out into our zine. Spit Poet is a not for profit group effort where the poets become the distributors and have access to printing the zine at any time and selling it as their own marketing tool.

Website | EtsyFacebook | Instagram

Surf Collusion (240x250)

Surf Collusion
Denver, CO

“Surf Collusion” is a zine created by Denver, Colorado surfers and artists, David Riordon, Juan Riordon, and Shane Lamb.  Surf Collusion is done in the old school throwback scheme similar to punk/skateboard zines of decades ago; has an edgy name to play off the politics of today & conspires to mix surf-style w/ other board sports.  The “RRP River Surfing Issue” is dedicated to the sport of river surfing w/ ocean style surfboards on stationary standing waves in the S. Platte River at the newly created River Run Park (RRP) in Englewood/Sheridan, Colorado.  River surfing feeds that surfing addiction landlocked surfers in Colorado have and like a drug, river surfing is blowing up in popularity in the Denver metro area.


Suspect PressSuspect Press
Denver, CO

Founded in 2013, Suspect Press is a Denver publishing company that blends the raw energy of zine culture with the editorial sharpness and commercial reach of mainstream publications. Our quarterly arts and literature magazine features poetry, short stories, essays, comics and artwork primarily from Denver, Colorado, presented in a cleanly designed, vintage newsprint format, and delivered to various locations throughout the state. Our publication is for writers and readers who’ve been burned by their more straight-laced art/lit encounters. We aim to discover our boundaries by intentionally stepping over them, and to give voice to the countless hives of literary busybodies in our celebrated city who are seeking accessible, subversive stories not found elsewhere on the stands. Suspect Press is also a book publisher and will be releasing Josiah Hesse’s second novel Carnality: Sebastian Phoenix and the Dark Star in August 2018.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Talbot Heindl Experience (250x250)The Talbot-Heindl Experience
Denver, CO

The Talbot-Heindl Experience is a tiny company with big aspirations to do everything creative under the sun. The Talbot-Heindl Experience is really whatever Chris (she/they) and Dana (he) Talbot-Heindl decide that it is! They are most known for their monthly submission-based art and literature compzine, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, but dabble with perzines (Chris & Crampus, Unexceptional Oddball, What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Birth Your Own Uterus, Roller Derby Saved My Soul, and The Future is Genderless), design random pun illustrations they think are pretty funny, and host yearly chapbook competitions to provide an opportunity for creatives who many not otherwise have an opportunity to showcase their work.

Bitchin’ KitschTalbot-Heindl Experience | Instagram | Twitter

Tessa FuquaTessa Fuqua
Aurora, CO

Equally right-brained and left-brained, Tessa’s life swings back and forth from analytical to creative. She has been a lawyer, teacher, music minister, and radio show host as well as an artist. She believes that life is to be lived fully and embraces new opportunities to express and create. Tessa indulges her creativity in several different artistic venues: visual art ranging from painting and illustration to large street art and murals. She has showcased works in various Denver area festivals and galleries. She has been an award winner in the Denver Chalk Art Festival and a commissioned artist in the Aurora Arts Festival as well as an invited artist to Via Colori in Houston, Texas and an artist at Crush and DINK. She will be exhibiting new, original zines, illustrations, and fun stuff at Denver Zine Fest.

Website| Facebook | Instagram

Thane Benson (141x250)

Thane Benson
Denver, CO

Thane Benson is an accomplished writer and artist and can prove it because it says so right here in his prestigious “Short Bio.” Thane hasn’t won any awards. He isn’t famous. And he finds writing about himself in the 3rd person to be very awkward. You probably haven’t heard of him, but if you had it would probably be for writing and drawing the infernal mystery graphic novel BURNT or for the adventure comic book series QUICK: THE CLOCKWORK KNIGHT or the weekly webcomic noir serial HELLHOLE. Thane is also the creator of the comic strip MR. SKIZZ: THE WORLD’S WORST KINDERGARTEN TEACHER. Thane lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, son, daughter, and his vintage collection of overdue library books.


Tinto Press (250x186)Tinto Press
Denver, CO

Ted is the owner of Tinto Press, a micro publisher of the most outstanding comics ever devised by man or beast… Please buy a comic from him or he may have another crying fit. In his day job, he helps promote quality educational programming like Ash Vs. Evil Dead and Party Down by doing interpretive dance in front of a computer screen for Starz Entertainment all the while wondering why they haven’t figured out jet-packs yet. “Is that too much to ask!!?” Oh yeah, he likes to draw biographical comics too. Like you care.


Wasted Ink Zine DistroWasted Ink Zine Distro
Phoenix, AZ

Wasted Ink Zine Distro is tucked in an art enclave in Phoenix, Arizona. It houses zines from over 150 international creators with an emphasis on local Arizona zines. WIZD provides people with alternative forms of media and inspires people to use creativity for community impact. In addition to curating and maintaining this collection, WIZD also hosts a number of events including writing and zine making workshops, zine release parties, and rotating art shows. WIZD’s zine table will consist of some of the most popular titles they carry as well as a few new ones!

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Wayward Studios (250x250)

Wayward Studios
Thornton, CO

Wayward Studios is the cartooning partnership of Emily R. Gillis and Crystal M Rollins.  Since 2010, the two have combined their powers to create a wide range of comics from ongoing fantasy series like Jikoshia and Skyborne to fun and dark mini comics including A Day in the Life of my Cats and Cranky Cthulhu.  While they love to experiment with different genres and storytelling styles, their work leans towards fantastical stories of defying fate and straying from the path that lay ahead.

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Wim Wam Zines (200x250)Wim Wam Zines
Colorado Springs, CO

Wim Wam Zines comes out of Colorado Springs, and deals with the hard parts of humanity by avoiding serious dialogue, and turning those difficult topics into meaningless goofs. “Laugh or die” – that’s our damn motto.





Witch Craft Magazine (234x250)Witch Craft Magazine
Englewood, CO

witch craft magazine is literature, art and magic. sad spell press publishes books that change the way you think.





Zac FingerZac Finger
Portland, OR

Zac Finger is a comic book artist and techie headquartered in Portland, OR. He enjoys making comix, zines, shirts and cassette tapes.

Website | Tumblr

Zines and Critical Pedagogy
Denver, CO

Jax J. Gonzalez teaches Sociology at the University of Colorado Boulder. A first-generation college student and queer activist interested in personal identity at the intersection of education, embodiment, and health, Jax also volunteers with the Denver Zine Library and incorporates zines into their teaching and research.

Rafael Fajardo is an interdisciplinary scholar whose work is at the intersection of design, social justice, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). His work investigates cultural identity and cultural representation, and he has incorporated zines and zine-making into several of his courses in Art and Art History at the University of Denver.

Kate Crowe is the Curator of Special Collections and Archives at the University of Denver, which has recently begun to collect zines and comics, as well as working with DU teaching faculty like Rafael Fajardo and Megan Kelly to select zines for the collections at DU and incorporate the DU collection and DZL’s collections into the curriculum.

Megan Kelly is a faculty member in the University of Denver’s Writing Program and is involved in multiple teams and projects at DU related to environmentalism and sustainability, including: Sustainability Council, the DU Community Garden, DU Food Recovery Network, and many more. Kelly has incorporated DZL’s zine collections into her writing and research courses.