2022 Denver Zine Library Calendar

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Check out the calendar artists below!

Check out this year’s calendar artists!

Nan Cran: Denver based spooky gay illustrator and co-creator of Mermaid Ink comics. Fan of horror, medical illustrations, chonky cats, and making scary comics with positive LGBTQ+ and diverse representation. Most time is spent collaborating long distance with Rosa A.on comics, and creating LGBTQ+ watercolor paintings of monsters and gore. Check out mermaidinkcomics.com, @mermaid.ink.comics, and @nancran

Finley Baker: Finley Baker (she/they) is an interdisciplinary artist and amateur naturalist. They use printmaking, fibers, sculpture and time-based media to explore environmental beauty/crisis and queer identity. Check out @finnotaur

Charly Fasano: Charly Fasano is a writer, filmmaker, painter and block printer from Denver, Colorado. His drawings and poems have appeared in Suspect Press Magazine, Yellow Rake Magazine, and Birdy Magazine. His latest project, Walk Off Hot, is a zine series that features his drawings and short films. Check out walkoffhot.com and @charlyfasanoart

Jeff Washenberger: Jeff works in a library and likes to draw cute pictures.  He loves dogs and sunsets and pizza.  He believes art and love will save the world.  Check out @ferret250 and @jeffdraws

Kayla Wence: The name of my zine is “Flores de Un Campo Santo.” My name is Kayla Wence, I’m a Denver based tattoo artist and you can contact me at @kaylawence, Kayla Wence, or via kaylawence@gmail.com

JENNMU: JENNMU is a Colorado grown artist who is constantly inspired by the state’s colorful beauty. She loves to paint watercolor animals, experiment with other media, and make zines. Check out @jennmu

Michael Dee: Michael Dee left his family farm on the plains, and followed his artist dreams to the jagged city-scapes of the metropolis. There he fell into the seedy underbelly of corporate America, chained to a desk with only his pens and his wild imagination to keep him company. He walks the streets as a freelance illustrator and designer working for those who are in need of an unbridled creative mind. Check out michaeldee.com

Thane Benson: Thane Benson is an award-winning comic book artist and writer. He is the creator of the adventure comic book series Quick The Clockwork Knight and the infernal mystery graphic novel Burnt. Known for his hyper-detailed art, humor, and creative storytelling, Thane is passionate about making comics as fun as possible. Check out www.thanebenson.com and @thanebenson

Jaromir Stoll: Jaromir Stoll (he/they) is a comics creator, researcher, and professor of social science and comics history in Columbus, Ohio. They craft stories about the ineffable in life and publish scholarship on comics history and culture, with a focus on India. You may spot them in the woods, hiking and foraging for forest treats.

Denise Zubizarreta: Denise “The Vamp DeVille” Zubizarreta is a Puerto Rican and Cuban American Mixed Media Interdisciplinary Artist currently attending the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design where she is completing her BFA in Fine Art. Recently in The Modern Borikén, her artwork focuses on her connection to self through exploring childhood angst, chronic illness, PTSD, and cultural identity. Her work has been exhibited in gallery and in performance with Microtheater Miami, the Fort Lauderdale Fringe Festival, Emmanuel Art Gallery, Las Laguna Gallery, RedLine, CORE New Art Space, EDGE Gallery, and the Providence Art Club. A small collection of her digital works are presently included in Cicada Magazine Issue 4: (neg)entropy.

Cori Redford: Cori Redford is the illustrator for the editorial comic, What’d I Miss? which is published weekly in The Colorado Sun. She is also the colorist for The Specialists webcomic, and a freelance artist and illustrator. She really hopes that 2022 is a better year than the two preceding it.

Jessica Kneefel: My name is Jessica Kneefel, I am a recent graduate from the University of Northern Colorado! I have always used collage as a way to journal since I’m not too good at expressing myself through words. As this year finally comes to a close, I wanted to center the last month around the good things that have come out of something so strenuous. Being together as a community, making it where we are now, and enjoying the little things. Check out @JessicaKneefel or contact Jessicathekneefel@gmail.com

Lonnie MF Allen: Lonnie MF Allen made his start in comics in the ’90s DIY zine culture. Since then, his work has appeared in: The Westword, Birdy, Denverite, Colorado Sun, Suspect Press, and Out Front magazine. He has done commissioned work for History Colorado and the Denver Art Museum as well as comic book writing for Image Comics, and was named one of Westword’s “100 Colorado Creatives.” He has won a DiNKy award for the best comic, and was called one of the best by the Denver Post. His latest project, Chrome Seoul is a Korean cyberpunk comic book series. Check out lonniemfallen.com and @lonniemfallen

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