Zinester Profile

Dylan Edwards

How would you describe your work?

I make all-ages monster art (Feeping Creatures) and queer & trans comics of various sorts (autobio, sci-fi/fantasy, contemporary fiction, etc.).

What do you enjoy most about making zines/comics/art?

I enjoy creating works that are personally meaningful to me, whether it’s a silly monster or an autobiographical comic about my experiences as a trans person, and sharing those creations with others.

What’s your favorite medium to use?

My comics are usually done with natural media (bristol board, ink, marker, gouache). The monsters take many forms, from original art made of polymer clay or ink on paper, to merch like enamel pins, stickers, buttons, and socks.

What drew you to zine culture?

It’s often difficult for marginalized creators to find a platform for their creations. Zine culture strives for a level of inclusion that’s frequently missing from mainstream publishing.

What other artists should we check out? What is inspiring you right now?

Reading comics by other queer & trans creators like Blue Delliquanti, Melanie Gillman, and Taneka Stotts. I’m also inspired by the variety of nature in general, from bats to bears to bizarre creatures from the deep sea.

What is your favorite zine / zine publisher?

MariNaomi makes a lot of great zines.

What music or films have influenced your work?

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Japanese metal and punk (Mejibray, Oz, Stance Punks). I did a comic about going to a heavy metal show in Japan a few years ago.

What is a dream zine project you’d love to undertake if time and money wasn’t an option?

Something with die cut pages where the nature of the art changes each time you turn the page.

What are you working on right now?

Glow-in-the-dark rat stickers, my queer YA sci-fi webcomic Valley of the Silk Sky.

Favorite thing about Denver and/or Colorado?

I love that there are so many queer and trans folks here in Denver. As for Colorado in general, the mountains and the animals.

Check out Dylan Edwards’ work here:


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