Denver Zine Library

Halfway through the fundraising campaign!

Former Denver Zine Librarians!

The Denver Zine Library is now halfway through our online fundraising campaign and we’re thrilled to share some really awesome news so far…


Many thanks to our donors so far!

Kelly, Kyle, Delaine, Nicole, Kelly, Alycia, Carrie, Tran, Mitra, Tomas, Sean, Angela, Lisa, Remigio, LB, Spencer, Nia, Kelsey, Lina, Kelsey, Shannon, Robin, Jamez, Brian, Jill, Marya, Jenna, Bianca, Erica, Leon, Laura, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mandrake, Abel, Steve, NewLights Press, Hillary, Jessicah, Josh, Tonya and our generous anonymous donors!

Many thanks to our video stars so far!

Kelly Shortandqueer, Tomas Moniz, Annah Anti-Palindrome, Anna Inazu, Jenna Freedman, Kristy Fenton, Spencer Keralis, Billy the Bunny, Marya Errin Jones, Jerry Maguire and Rod Tidwell, and Jessy Randall and Steve Lawson! Check out all of the videos on the Gallery tab of the campaign website:

An additional perk for donors!

Donor and former Denver zinester, Nia, suggested that the Denver Zine Library display the favorite zines of donors at the Denver Zine Library. What a great idea! Feel free to send us up to three titles and if we have them, we’ll put them out to show off our amazing collection!

The Denver Zine Library is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit!

Does your work have an employee gift match program? If so, you can double your donation! We’ll send a receipt for your donation to submit through your employer. Please contact us with any questions.

Please spread the word! Repost your favorite video!

The success of this campaign is in your hands! Please continue to spread the word by passing around this link: We’ll still be uploading a new video every day through the rest of the month, so keep checking back to see them all!

Two upcoming events at the 27 Social Centre!

Join us for these two events held at the 27 Social Center, which houses the Denver Zine Library. It’s located at 2727 W. 27th Ave, Denver CO 80211 and the entrance is around the right side of the building, through the alley.

An evening of queerly antagonistic performances featuring Denver’s Kelly Shortandqueer (, Bay Area’s Annah Anti-Palindrome (, and Seattle’s On a Clear Day (!!!