Support the DZL’s online fundraising campaign!

The DZL's original zine collection, 2003

The Denver Zine Library is 11 days into our online fundraising campaign and we’re incredibly grateful for the generous donations that have already been coming our way! So far, we’ve raised $1,410 towards our goal of $2,500

Check out our campaign, Keeping Zines In Our Hands!

Many thanks to our donors: Kelly, Kyle, Delaine, Nicole, motel, Alycia, Carrie, Tran, Mitra, Tomas, Sean, Angela, Lisa, Remigio, LB, Spencer, Nia, Kelsey, Lindiana, Hortense, Shannon, Robin, Jamez, Brian, Jill, Marya, Jenna, Bianca, Erica and Leon!

Also, thanks to the folks who have made videos so far (with more to come throughout the month!): Kelly, Tomas, Annah, Anna, Jenna, Kristy, Spencer and Billy!

And… check out this awesome article in the Westword by longtime friend of the DZL, Josiah Hesse: Denver Zine Library’s non-crisis campaign: Book it!

Please help us spread the word and check out our videos for the campaign!

The DZL's current collection, photo from 2010

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