5th Annual Chili Cookoff was a Delicious Success!

The 5th Annual DZL Superbowl Chili Cookoff was a delicious success. It was the closest competition in years with five incredible entries:

  • Chili Cacao (beef chili infused with chocolate) by Michelle and Crustin
  • Chicken Green Chile by Kody
  • Veggie Chili by Kelly
  • Chipotle Chicken Green Chile by Jimi
  • Spicy Veggie Chili by Kevin

The winners of the day were Kody (in the meat category) and Kelly (in the veggie category). Many thanks to all the cooks, everyone who came out to taste the finest chili in Denver and special thanks to Leah for bringing the vegan, gluten-free cornbread.

Chili Cooks: Michelle & Crustin, Kody, Kelly, Jimi and Kevin (with special guest, Micah)


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