January and February events!

We’re excited about 2011 and have a few events to kick off the year. Check them out and come visit the library!

* 2010 Silent Auction Update
* January 16 – Zine Reading with Enola Dismay
* February 6 – 5th Annual Superbowl Chili Cookoff
* February 21 – Drugs and Daydreams (co-sponsored with DABC)
* Community Zine Workshop Series
* Visit during open hours!

********** 2010 Silent Auction Update **********
Many thanks to all of the generous donors and bidders at the 4th Annual Silent Auction to benefit the Denver Zine Library and Sent(a)Mental Studios. We raised a whopping $1,640 to support the general operations of both projects! For more information about Sent(a)Mental Studios, check out or visit Dylan’s studio at the 27 Social Centre.

********** January 16 – Zine reading with Enola Dismay! **********
Sunday, January 16 • 4-6pm
At the Denver Zine Library, 2727 W 27th Ave (entrance around right side of building)

Join us for the first zine reading of 2011 with touring zinester, Enola Dismay! Local zinesters will join the lineup as well (including Josiah Hesse & Kelly Shortandqueer). E-mail Kelly at if you’d like to read too!

Enola Dismay is a transient crud goth imperfectionist and writes personal zines that include many things in them, such as body image issues, the patriarchy/consent/rape culture, train stuff, squatting, activism/politics, homelessness, hopelessness, and health. She’ll also be playing music!

********** February 6 – 5th Annual Superbowl Chili Cookoff **********
Sunday, February 6 • 1-5pm
At the Denver Zine Library, 2727 W 27th Ave (entrance around right side of building)

Can you cook up a mean chili? Enter to become the DZL Chili Champion by bringing your homemade deliciousness to the Denver Zine Library during open hours (between 1 and 5pm) for folks to sample. Vegetarian and/or meat entries are both accepted!

********** February 21 – Drugs and Daydreams **********
Monday, February 21 • 7pm
At the 27 Social Centre, 2727 W 27th Ave (entrance around right side of building)
Co-sponsored with the Denver Anarchist Black Cross

Drugs and Daydreams – The Book! is out!
It’s finally done – after 24,000 scammed photocopies, individually relief-printing each cover, hours upon hours spent stitching page blocks, and countless paper cuts… A handbound hardcover book compiling the zines, Drugs and Daydreams, Here Civilization Ceased, and Bring On The Dancing Horses. 280 pages in length.

For more info, check out

********** Community Zine Workshop Series **********
Are you ready to take the plunge and make your first zine? Or have you been wanting to put out a new issue? Looking for some motivation? The Denver Zine Library is working on setting up a zine workshop series where people can come and work on writing, share ideas about formatting/binding and more! Interested? Contact so we can pick some dates that work for the most people. Maybe we can even have a big release party to celebrate the zine-y goodness we’re bringing to Denver…

********** Visit during open hours! **********
The Denver Zine Library is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm and is located inside the 27 Social Centre (2727 W 27th Ave – entrance around right side of building). Come check us out, read some zines on our comfy couch and borrow some zines to read at home!

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