Zine Readings feat. Michel Valdez of School Daze Zine, 2/16/06

2/16/06  Zine Readings feat.  Michel Valdez of School Daze Zine, DZL, 7pm
Michel Valdez is coming to Denver to remind us how ridiculous elementary school can be. This zinester from LA will be reading from School Daze, a zine about his experiences as a teacher’s assistant. In it, he describes not only what he teaches the students but also what he’s learned: “You haven’t lived until you’ve been stabbed repeatedly in the leg with a number two pencil.”

And… breaking into the local zine scene, support Denver zinesters Anna Inazu (behind wire fences), Shannon Perez-Darby (From Here To There And Back Again…) and Andie Lyons (Already Too Much; Never Enough). Also reading is veteran zinester, Kelly Shortandqueer (Shortandqueer).

Denver Zine Library: 1644 Platte Street
Food will be provided

Kelly reads from shortandqueer

Michel reads from School Daze
Michael Valdez reads in the DZL’s home in the community space in TOSA
Andie reads from Already Too Much, Never Enough
Shannon reads from From Here to There and Back Again
Anna reads from Behind Wire Fences

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