Three-Part Party / Fundraiser

There are always lots of reasons to throw parties. So, here are three reasons you should come to this one.

1. Zine Release Party: Forget Portland, Denver is the new hub of awesome zinesters. Come and mingle with these famous locals who are putting out amazing zines (Eleanor, Andie, Shannon, Anna, Kelly and more).

2. Denver Zine Library Fundraiser: The Denver Zine Library needs your support. We’re asking that you bring a few dollars to donate to this fabulous community resource with over 6,500 different zines from all over the world.

3. Farewell Party: Kelly is going to be leaving Denver on March 21st to get ready for The Tranny Roadshow. Come say goodbye and bring him lots of hugs. Don’t worry, he’ll be back in early May.

The party will be at Anna and Kelly’s house.

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