The Denver Zine Library has grown with the help of a lot of committed volunteers and donors.

Current Denver Zine Librarians
(Click here to learn more about them)

  • B
  • Brian Hasenstab
  • Dylan Scholinski
  • Kelly Shortandqueer
  • Kevin Richards
  • Melissa Black

Former Zine Librarians

  • Alejandro Archuleta
  • Anna Inazu
  • Eduardo Gabrieloff
  • Jamez Terry
  • K.R. Roberto
  • Kristy Fenton

Founding Volunteers

  • Dani Drake
  • Jamez Terry
  • Jeremiah Teutsch
  • Kelly Shortandqueer
  • Molly Z

Zine donors of large collections

  • Dan Buck
  • Jamez Terry
  • John Porcellino
  • Paul Kane/Double Entendre

Continued thanks…

  • Carolyn Gentile
  • The 27 Social Centre
  • The Other Side Arts
  • Stevyn IronFeather
  • Robb Roemershauser
  • Zine librarians from other collections

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